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Super Bowl 29 was tied going into half time.

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Q: What two teams have tied in second in the super bowl?
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What two teams have come in tied at second place in the Super Bowl?

the packers and the panthers

What nFC teams won Super Bowl?

As of the 2007 season, the Cowboys and 49ers are tied with the most Super Bowl wins for an NFC team with 5.

How many super bowl games were tied at the end of the first quarter?

About 5 teams I don't remember which teams but check

How many times has Super Bowl been tied at half time?

The only Super bowl tied at half time is Super bowl 39.

What 3 teams are tied with four super bowl loses?

Buffalo Bills, Minnesota Vikings, and Denver Broncos.

Who are the NFL teams with the second most Super Bowl wins?

As of the end of the 2009 NFL Season, there are two (2) teams tied with 5 wins each.San Fransisco 49ers they have a 5-0 record in Super BowlsDallas Cowboys they have a 5-3 record in Super Bowls

Out of 50 Super Bowl games how many teams have been tied going into the half?

There have been 3 super Bowls that were tied at the half. Super Bowl XLIX, tied 14-14 at the half; New England went on to beat Seattle 28-24 Super Bowl XXXIX, tied 7-7 at the half, New England went on to beat Philadelphia 24-21 Super Bowl XXIII, tied 3-3 at the half, San Francisco went on to beat Cincinnati 20-16

What team has the second most Super Bowl wins?

After the Steelers six Super Bowl victories. The San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys are tied for second with five wins each.

How are the orange bowl teams decided?

it is the two teams that are corrmicalicaly tied

Who won second most Super Bowl rings?

the cowboys and the 49ers are tied with 4 a piece

What NFL team has 6 Super Bowl rings?

None- 3 teams tied at 5- Cowboys, Steelers, and 49er's

What 2 teams are tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers for most Super Bowl victories?

Dallas and San Francisco. The Steelers now have 6 Super Bowl Championships. The Cowboys and 49ers have 5 each.

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