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No records were broken by the playing in Super Bowl XLV, but two records were tied:

  • Since the Pittsburgh Steelers made it to the Super Bowl, they tied the record for most Super Bowl appearances. The team is now tied with the Dallas Cowboys with 8 appearances each.
  • The Green Bay Packers scored 14 points in the first quarter, which ties the record for most points scored by one team in the first quarter of the Super Bowl. They are tied with 6 other teams (the Dolphins, Raiders, Cowboys, 49ers, Patriots and Bears)

However, the Super Bowl itself broke a record:

  • Super Bowl XLV was the most-watched Super Bowl and the most-watched single program of any kind in U.S. television history.
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Q: What records did Super bowl XLV break?
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When did Super Bowl XLV happen?

Super Bowl XLV happened in 2010.

When is Super Bowl XLV?

Super Bowl XLV will take place February 6, 2011.

How many attended Super Bowl XLV?

103,219 people attended Super Bowl XLV.

What does xlv mean in the Super Bowl?

XLV is roman numeral for 45. It's the 45th Super Bowl.

How many people went to Super Bowl XLV?

103,219 people attended Super Bowl XLV.

What number in the series is Super Bowl 2011?

Super Bowl XLVThe 2011 Super Bowl is Super Bowl XLV (45).

How many years have the super bowl been played?

The Super Bowl has been played for 45 years (Super Bowl XLV). XLV is Roman Numerals for 45.

Who was in Super Bowl XLV?

In Super Bowl XLV, the Green Bay Packers defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25.

How many catches did Hines Ward have in Super Bowl XLV?

Hines Ward had 7 catches in Super Bowl XLV.

How many tackles did Troy Polamalu have in Super Bowl XLV?

Troy Polamalu had 3 tackles in Super Bowl XLV.

What state did super bowl xlv take place?

Super Bowl XLV was played at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

What Super Bowl will be played this year?

Super Bowl XLV (45)

Does Super Bowl xlv mean Super Bowl 45?


Will the Pittsburgh Steelers go to Super Bowl XLV?

Yes, they will. The Steelers will play the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XLV.

What time does the super bowl xlv 2011 start central time?

Super Bowl XLV starts at 5:25 CST.

What was the score of the super bowl XLV after the first quarter?

After the first quarter of Super Bowl XLV, the score was 14-0, Packers.

Who lost Super Bowl XLV?

The Pittsburgh Steelers lost Super Bowl XLV. They were defeated by the Green Bay Packers, 31-25.

Who won Super Bowl XLV?

The Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl XLV against the Pittsburgh Steelers, 31-25.

Is the Super Bowl on ESPN?

No. The FOX network will televise Super Bowl XLV.

How many Super Bowl rings does Aaron Rodgers have?

Aaron Rodgers has one Super Bowl ring from Super Bowl XLV.

Did the Pittsburgh Steelers win Super Bowl XLV?

No. The Green Bay Packers defeated the Steelers 31-25 to win Super Bowl XLV.

What number is this years Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl that will be played on February 6, 2011 is Super Bowl XLV (45).

What are the Roman numerals for Super Bowl 2018?

The 2010 Super Bowl will be the 45th one, making it Super Bowl XLV.

What channel will broadcast Super Bowl XLV?

The 2011 Super Bowl is broadcast on FOX.

What was Super Bowl 45 attendance?

103,219 people attended Super Bowl XLV.