What two sports does Chelsea enjoy?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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football and soccer

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Q: What two sports does Chelsea enjoy?
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Which two sports does Chelsea enjoy?

football and soccer

Which two sports does Chelsea Clinton enjoy?

Though not technically a sport, ballet has been one of Chelsea Clinton's passions since she started taking lessons at the age of four. In terms of sports, she actually quit soccer and softball in order to focus on ballet.

What does Chelsea refer to in the context of Barcelona sports?

Chelsea in reference to Barcelona sports is a F.C. team from Chelsea in central London. Chelsea is a very prominent team and is considered one of the best and hardest to beat.

What channel is Chelsea v swansea on?

sky sports

What two sports do Obama's daughters enjoy?

According to news reports, the two Obama daughters enjoy playing basketball and soccer. They have also done some skiing with their mom.

What are two sports that people might enjoy doing in New Hampshire?

Football and Ice Hockey.

How do you say I enjoy sports in french?

J'apprécie des sports.

Is basketball awesome?

If you enjoy basketball then yes!! If you do not enjoy basketball then no it is not. If you do not enjoy sports then chances are you also wont enjoy basketball.

Did Chelsea Clinton play sports in High School?

Yes, varsity soccer.

What is the theme tune for the Sky Sports 'What is the Story' programme?

Chelsea Dagger by The Fratellis

What channel is Chelsea Barcelona on?

fox sports 2

What types of cooking movies and sports do you enjoy and are the sports ones you watch or are you a participant?

I enjoy sports like MMA, baseball, soccer and football. Movies are Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter