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ICC T20 world cup

Pakistsn won T20 world cup

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Q: What trophy did the Pakistan cricket team win in 2009?
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When did the Pakistan national cricket team win the ICC Champions Trophy?

Pakistan team has never won the ICC Champion's Trophy.

Which team won the 20-20 cricket 2009?


When Pakistan cricket team win t20 worldcup?

in 2009 in England.

What is relation between pepsi and Pakistan cricket board?

They may sponsor the Pakistan cricket team. PEPSI is supponring Pakistan cricket team.

Who Pakistan cricket team challenger?

India Cricket Team

Who is the coach of Indian and Pakistan cricket team?

India cricket team coach - Duncan Fletcher Pakistan cricket team - Mohsin Hassan Khan

Who was the first captain of Pakistan cricket team in 1947?

Pakistan Cricket team establish from 1952 and Abdul Hafeez Kardar was the captain of Pakistan cricket at that time.

What is the average age of the Pakistan cricket team?

25-35 is average age of the Pakistan cricket team.

Who was the youngest captain for Pakistan cricket team?

Salman Butt is the youngest captain for the Pakistan cricket team.

Who was the youngest captain of Pakistan cricket team?

Salman But for test Cricket Salman Butt was the youngest captain of pakistan cricket team

How many team are participate champion trophy cricket 2009 schedule?

8 teams Group A - India, Australia, Pakistan, West Indies Group B- New Zealand, England, Srilanka, South Africa