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Q: What trophies was Zach parise nominated for in his entire NHL career?
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What has the author Florence Parise written?

Florence Parise has written: 'Florence Parise'

What is the birth name of Jeffrey Vincent Parise?

Jeffrey Vincent Parise's birth name is Jeffrey Vincent Parise.

When was Sara Parise born?

Sara Parise was born in 1982.

When did Ronald A. Parise die?

Ronald A. Parise died in 2008.

What nicknames does Emiko Parise go by?

Emiko Parise goes by Emi.

When was Zach Parise born?

Zach Parise was born on July 28, 1984.

What is Jordan Parise's birthday?

Jordan Parise was born on September 19, 1982.

When was Jordan Parise born?

Jordan Parise was born on September 19, 1982.

What is Zach Parise's birthday?

Zach Parise was born on July 28, 1984.

How tall is Zach Parise?

NHL player Zach Parise is 5'-11''.

When was Ronald A. Parise born?

Ronald A. Parise was born on 1951-05-24.

How tall is Jonathan Parise?

Jonathan Parise is 5' 10 1/2".

What NHL team does Zach Parise play for?

Zach Parise plays for the Minnesota Wild.

When was Anita Parise born?

Anita Parise was born on January 22, 1980, in Hungary.

What is Zach Parise's number on the Minnesota Wild?

Zach Parise is number 11 on the Minnesota Wild.

What position does Zach Parise play?

Zach Parise plays left wing for the Minnesota Wild.

Where was Zach Parise born?

Zach Parise was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on 07-28-84.

Does Zach Parise shoot right or left?

NHL player Zach Parise shoots left.

How much does Zach Parise weigh?

NHL player Zach Parise weighs 195 pounds.

When did Julio Parise Loro die?

Julio Parise Loro died on 2010-10-05.

When was Julio Parise Loro born?

Julio Parise Loro was born on 1920-07-21.

How old is Jordan Parise?

Jordan Parise is 28 years old (birthdate: September 19, 1982).

How old is Zach Parise?

Zach Parise is 32 years old (birthdate: July 28, 1984).

When was Goffredo Parise born?

Goffredo Parise was born on December 8, 1929, in Vicenza, Veneto, Italy.

When did Goffredo Parise die?

Goffredo Parise died on August 31, 1986, in Treviso, Veneto, Italy.