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Basically all the training you need is practice. You also need a good coach to show you different strategies, how to get power, etc. Practice a lot and pay tons of attention to the tips your coach give you.

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Q: What training do you need for tennis?
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Do you need agility for tennis?

yes, you do need an agility training skills for the sports, tenni because you will be requiring the quikeness of your body movement during the play as where th tennis ball comes from.... -__-

What are the best tennis shoes for coaches?

Tennis coaches as well as players need to ensure they have the best shoes possible since they rely on their feet and legs during training and during a match. When buying shoes for tennis you should get a pair that are actual tennis training shoes rather than running shoes.

Will table tennis affect my tennis game and training?

No, it should not. It is not difficult to differentiate between tennis and table tennis.

What has the author Chuck Kriese written?

Chuck Kriese has written: 'Spalding youth tennis' -- subject(s): Tennis for children, Parenting, Coaching 'Winning tennis' -- subject(s): Training, Tennis 'Coaching tennis' -- subject(s): Coaching, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Tennis, Tennis, Training

What equipment do you need as a tennis player?

You need a tennis ball, and a tennis racket.

Why do tennis players live in Florida?

A mixture of nice weather and tennis training facilities. basically, folorida has a lot of top training facilties that many players start their training there as young kids

What equipment to you need to play tennis?

The basic equipment you need to play tennis is a tennis court with net, a tennis racket. and some tennis balls. You also need shoes that are comfortable when running, or tennis shoes.

What is an intangible product?

is a nonphysical service such as tennis lessons, personal training, and sorts camps. is a nonphysical service such as tennis lessons, personal training, and sorts camps.

What kind of training equipment do tennis players use?

Tennis players use various kinds of equipment while training. The most important of which would be the tennis racket which may be used with or without a leather grip.

Where is a good tennis Training Centre in NC?

A good tennis Training Centre in NC is Wake Forest University: Indoor Tennis Center. Its address is 131 Miller Street Winston-Salem, NC 27103

Who are the tennis players who live in Florida?

There are many tennis players training in Florida because they have some of the best tennis players in the world including Bolliteri tennis academy.

What qualifications do you need to be a tennis umpire?

you need good arithmatic & art to be a tennis umpire.

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