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Q: What tracks do the Indy racing league use?
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Indy Racing League cars use what fuel and what makes it different from the fuel used in Nascar and Formula One cars?

Indycars and F1 cars use alcohol-based fuels. NASCAR uses high-octane gasolines.

Why did the Indy 500 use a new announcement to start the race?

Because there are men and women now racing.

Type of racing fuel is used in the Indy 500 race?

Starting in 2006, the IRL switched to Ethanol.

What is para-mutuel gambling?

a form of gambling based on such business machines as Totalizers in use at Horse Racing tracks. oddly- for some bizarre reason, betting on automobile racing is as far as I know- unknown.

What is the duration and lift and lobe center of camshaft on an Indy car motor?

Indy cars do not use camshafts. They use electric solenids to open and close the valves.

What kind of a race might a competitor use a trapeze in?

Sailboat racing

Is a truggy a truck?

A truggy truck is the body of both a buggy and truck with the purpose of racing tougher tracks and terraign and able to use a much larger engine. its pretty much a step below a trophy truck but above a buggy.

Do racing engines run with no oil?

Racing engines use Oil most of then 7 quarts or more, and they use racing oils like Torco, Redline or Lucas.

Who invented flat track motorcycle racing?

It didn't take long after the invention of the bicycle for people to begin racing them. An soon after that, people started modifying the bikes to become better racing material. So there's no single inventot of the racing bike.

The is an industry group that tracks computer and video game use?

The Entertainment Software Association is an industry group that tracks computer and video game use.

How to Indy on a skateboard?

if regular you use right arm and grab board anywhere between the trucks

What are the types of race cars?

Depends, there are different types of race that use different types of car and each race will usually have different catorgries. First there are diffrent kinds of races withe all difrent kinds of cars built for those -drag races -oval races -road/street/airport etc. races -rallys -races on tracks laid out on car parks using cones -hilclimbs and sprints Al have their own kind of cars. - riding your mum with no handle bars their is also the firrarie