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Arlington, Texas

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Q: What town in dallas is the super bowl played in?
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What town is the super bowl in dallas?

Arlington, TX.

What town did the first super bowl play?


Can a Super Bowl be played in a teams hometown?

Yes. Super Bowls are basically always played in a football teams' home town. However, no team has ever made it to the Super Bowl when it was being held in their hometown although it is possible for it to happen one day.

What great steelers player played in a Super Bowl in his home town and won?

Steelers running back Jerome Bettis returned to his home town of Detroit, Michigan for Super Bowl XL. The Steelers defeated the Seattle Seahawks 21-10.

How many people come to Super Bowl from out of town?

Thousands or millions

Did any team ever play the Super Bowl in their own town?

No, a team has never had "home-field advantage" during a Super Bowl.

The first Super Bowl was in what town?

the fisrt superbowl was held in kentucky int he town of fryeburg, wolverhampton. This was in russia.

Why did Indianapolis get the Super Bowl?

Because it's a great town and a well-kept secret and those in charge just know how to put on huge events. It was a wonderful Super Bowl!

Is it true the super bowl won't played in your town if they don't honor Martin Luther King?

it can be true but not all people honor martin luther king so its a maybe

What town first hosted the Super Bowl?

January 15, 1967 - Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

What year did minden ill go to pop warner Super Bowl?

Minden Illinois was a fictional town that was featured in the film "Longshots" about Jasmine Plummer, the first girl to play for a Pop Warner football team. The actual team she played for was from Harvey, Illinois and they went to the super bowl in 2003.

Who will broadcast Super Bowl 2009 in cebu Philippines?

Badgers Sportspub located near Banilad Town Center..

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