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If you are a man you would prob prefer hockey skates. Women tend to wear figure skates. your choice.

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What is Alpine skiing

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What is Alpine skiing

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What condition results when muscles waste away because of neglect

Which sport combined the games of handball and squash

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Q: What to wear for Ice-Skating?
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What do you need for iceskATing?

for iceskating you need tights and dress or pants and shirt and a jacket,also gloves would be helpful, and iceskating boots with sharp blades

What do you wear when you are iceskating?

When you are ice skating you ware skates, gloves, a scarf, a jacket, sometimes snow pants not always, and warm clothes. It also depends on how cold it is you can take off layers as you go. I have been iceskating for about 2 years now. I usually go iceskating indoors, so I just wear a sweater, but sometimes I don't even need that. If you don't want blisters or if you don't want your feet to hurt, you should wear thin tights. (If you're a girl) I have been iceskating for almost 3 years. I go to the indoors iceskating rink every Friday. You should definitely wear gloves, because your hands get cold really fast, and if they are cold for too long, they will start to feel like they are burning. Also you can't put your hands in your pocket, because it's really hard to balance that way. You should also wear a sweater, and a jacket. If you get too warm, you can take your jacket off and tie it around your waist. Trust me you won't have to take off your sweater most of the time, because it's very cold in the indoor skating rinks. I've had experience. What i would suggest to wear on the bottom would be pants that you can move easily in. You don't want to go in jeans that you can barely even sit in. I usually go in stretchy jeans. A lot of people say to wear scarfs, but it usually just gets in your way. No, really. You should bring a sweater, but if you work hard, you'll take it off!

Is an iceskate a simple machine?

no iceskating is a sport or if u r asking if an iceskate boot is a machine it is not it is a boot that uyou use in the sport iceskating

Can you go iceskating in Maine?


Who invented iceskating?

Jackson Haines

What is the white puffles talent?


What actors and actresses appeared in De Chinese muur - 2002?

The cast of De Chinese muur - 2002 includes: Marjolein Ernst as Iceskating club Isis Frasdonk as Iceskating club David Goddyn as Iceskating club Heike Hummelinck as Son Man Kin Tang as Cook Natalia Kovaleva as Woman Nucheng Lu as Chinese mother Celia Nufaar as Aagt Nelleke Rekers as Iceskating club Nico Reuvenkamp as Father Marcel Romeijn as Iceskating club Sieger Sloot as Take away customer Vincent van de Akker as Man Chris van de Bremer as Iceskating club Merel van Gaalen as Mother Eveline Wu as Chinese daughter

When did iceskating become a sport?

Ice Skating its self is not a sport. When you put it in with Hockey, it became a sport a long time ago. So it depends one what you are putting it with. But iceskating its self is not a sport.

What can be synchronized?

dancing, swimming, iceskating and watches can be synchronized

An Olympic event that have a judge?

Swimming, gymnastics, iceskating

What is the most populur sport?

the most popular sport is iceskating

Is iceskating all the one word?

Nope! It is not a full word.

How long does it take to reach grade 1 iceskating?

it depends how good you are

Can you hire out an iceskating rink in Brisbane?

Please Answer cause I want to have my 13th Birthday at one!

Where is a great place to have a 13th birthday party?

A bowling alley, or a rollerblading/iceskating rink

What is the word for iceskating in French?

Patinage -trios ans de Francias.

How does friction affect iceskating?

Iceskating works because the pressure exerted by the comparatively narrow surface of the blade melts some of the ice, reducing the friction of solid against solid. This is the same principle that allows glaciers to flow, though of course, ice skaters are much faster.

Is iceskating a good sport?

If you r into dance or gymnastics then it is great sport but it takes a while to get good

When was iceskating invented?

it was invented in 3000 bc by a man and then later it was improved by john forbes got that sweety?

What age was Tara lapinski when she started skating?

She was three when she starsed rollerblading and six when she started when she started iceskating

What is rollerblading?

rollerblading is like iceskating. the only difference is there are tiny wheels on the bottom of the "shoes" and you skate on the pavement and or ground

Where would Miley Cyrus like to go?

se would go shopping and hang out and will go bolling and iceskating

What are some holidays or festivals in Nebraska?

In Nebraska there is something called the Omaha Lights Festival. There is music, lights, fireworks, and iceskating!

What equipment use for iceskating?

You need iceskating boots (skates) You also need blade guards for your skates which come in loads of different colours and textures. you will need a skate bag to keep your skates in and you can get leg warmers, ice soakers for your blades, and competition or dance dresses with skin colour tights that go over your skates.

Where is the crystal snowflake on pet pet park?

At Blizzard Mountain, the iceskating cirlce in the middle gives you the snowflakes. When you stand in the middle of it and press the snowflake.