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Here is what you do, go to your garden, where it says how much fertilizer you have, it should say how many mandrake elrixs, ME, the twin thing.

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Q: What to go to on babydow to plant seeds for twins on babydow?
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How do you plant a baby on babydow?

Go to your garden and plant a rose/cabbage/magic seed. When you pick a seed, it is automatically replanted, except for Magic Seeds.

How do you make more than 1 baby on babydow?

Ok so When you start out on babydow they give you a magic seed which is a special seed with which you plant it and then click pick. To get to your garden simply click my garden under them home menu. After this to get more you must either go to the boutique, buy more seeds, plant them, and wait for them to grow or you can wait 30 days to buy another magic seed with 25% of your beads. Hope this helps!! nphorsegirl on babydow

How do you get twins in babydow?

you have to go to the fairy forest and buy a manadrait elixar and put it on one of your seed and boom you have twins but they cost one pass my name on baydow is rooroo99

How do you get more seeds?

you go to a plant store and buy seeds

How do you create another baby for babydow?

To get another baby on Babydow you have to have "seeds". I think your account comes with a few... but anyway, on the top of your page put your mouse over "Home" Then go down until you find "My Garden" click on that and you will end up in your garden (obviously) if you have "seeds" you can plant them and after awhile that "seed" will become a baby! You should also know that different seeds make different babys. Here is a hint... Rose = Girl Cabbage = Boy Magic Seed = Duplicate of First Baby Hope I helped! :D

In moshi monster when you are done planting the plant where does the plant go?

When you have planted seeds, the seeds go into the ground and grow. When you dig up a plant, the plants are thrown away. nuh uh i tryed it bitch

Where do you ave to look for your babydow snuggly?

You may buy snugglies at the boutique! Go to for help about Babydow!

How do you buy an object on babydow?

Go to the boutique.

How do you get White Fang without planting seeds?

You go to the shop and then u go and plant it

Can you get ivy in California?

Yes you can go to any nursery and but seeds or the plant

How do you buy plant seeds in build a bearville?

go to lumbear yard

In pet society what do you do with the seeds?

When you buy a seed/seeds it will automatically go to your inventory. Afterwards go to your front or backyard to plant your seeds. Go to one of the empty holes and pick up the packet and drop it into the hole