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No you need to PULL lol um to get it out i use water before i put needle in i use water as well

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Q: What to do when the ball pump needle is stuck in the ball?
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How do you repair a broken ball pump needle?

How do you fix a broken ball pump needle

How do you pump up a basketball?

you need a balloon and a needle like a pump needle or a cooking needle. blow the balloon up to the max and use a paperclip to keep the air in the balloon. then cut off the tip of the balloon. afterwards use it to keep the needle in the balloon then put the needle in the ball take the clip off and wait. it might not inflate it all the way up but it will do some good until you get a real pump.

How do you inflate an American football?

Standard bicycle pump or soccer ball pump will do as long as it has a needle attachment.

How do you inflate a balloon by using science?

You get a soccer ball pump needle a stick it into a balloon and it will inflate

What tools would help one to inflate a ball?

An air pump they come with a needle that can stick in the ball (if it doesn't come with one you can pay). Or air compressors sometimes work with a needle for it too

How do you inflate a pogo moon hopper?

With any pump that has a ball needle. The hole is in the center of the bottom section.

How do you fix a flat soccer ball?

You add air to it by using a pump. Or if it has a hole in it, stitch u the hole or by a new ball.

How do you lose air out of a water polo ball?

You either cut a hole, or when you pump the ball, put the tube in and then when it is almost out, leave it there. It should make a hissing sound and you should be able to feel some air blowing. you kill it with a kitchen knife you pop it or take the needle outof the pump to blow it up and just leave it in the basketball

How do you attach a basketball inflation needle to a pump?

Screw it in using the threads on the needle and pump.

How do you pump a football?

You can pump it with a bicycle pump with the needle.

When tattoing the needle gets stuck on the skin does the used of disposable grips with needle have anything to do with that?

No. The needle is getting stuck because you have it hanging too far out. If your needle pushes too deep into the skin it snags.

How do you blow up a rubber ball with no needle?

If they are of a professional type (match ball quality) There will be a laced area which covers a small valve - its here the pump with the correct fitting is used - If its a basic retail quality they have a valve similar to that of a bicycle tyre and its here you pump it up