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Shout 'FORE', some people point where the ball in heading with their club also.

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2009-05-14 10:56:46
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Q: What to do when hit the golf ball to the direction of people?
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Why do you hit a golf ball?

You hit a golf ball as it is the only way you can play under the rules. It's a sport, and millions of people enjoy it.

How did people get hit by golf balls?

People get hit by golf ball because they don't pay attention to their surroundings on the golf course. And the person that hit them didn't yell "FORE!" (:

What golf ball is better for straighter shots?

All golf balls are made with the assumption that the player is going to hit it straight. If you are struggling to hit the ball straight changing your ball is not the solution. There are balls made for feel, distance and spin, but not for direction.

How can you hit a golf ball farther?

A golf ball can be hit farther by using more strength. A golf ball can also be hit harder by using the right club and hitting the ball with the wind.

What are the rules in golf?

HIt the ball to the green/hole in as few hts as possible. Stay out of water hazards Don't hit other people on the course with your golf ball

What is the force on a golf ball when hit?

if the golf ball is hit into the air, the forces on the golf ball are pushing (when the golf ball is hit) and air resistance (when it is flying through the air). when the ball hits the ground and starts to roll, the only force acting on it is friction.

Which golf ball goes further?

The one hit the hardest as long as the wind is in it's favor and the direction is straight!

What do you use to hit a ball in golf?

a golf club

What do you use to hit a golf ball?

Golf club

Can you hit a tee from under the golf ball?

yes. it is possible to hit the tee with out moving the golf ball it just depends on how you hit it

Did Lawrence Taylor hit a golf ball out of giants stadium?

Yes he did. I remember him in an interview shown on the pregame with OJ Simpson. LT hit a golf ball from one end zone clear over stadium i the direction of the other end zone.

What is the truth about golf according to AJ Golf?

hit the ball

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