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Kevin Dyson.

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Q: What titans receiver caught the last pass of super bowl XXXIV?
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Who paid in Super Bowl XXXIV?

Rams vs titans

When did the titans win the Super Bowl?

Never. They made it to the Superbowl XXXIV, but lost.

Who won Super Bowl XXXIV?

The St. Louis Rams defeated the Tennessee Titans 23-16 in Super Bowl XXXIV. Kurt Warner was MVP.

When did the titans go to the Super Bowl?

The Titans went to Super Bowl XXXIV on Jan. 30 2000 and lost to the St. Louis Rams, 23 to 16

When is the last time the titans won a Super Bowl?

The Tennessee Titans have never won a Super Bowl. In their only appearance, in Super Bowl XXXIV, the Titans lost the the St. Louis Rams 23-16.

What movie and television projects has Kevin Dyson been in?

Kevin Dyson has: Played Himself - Tennessee Oilers Wide Receiver in "The NFL on CBS" in 1956. Played Himself - Tennessee Titans Wide Receiver in "NFL Monday Night Football" in 1970. Played Himself - Tennessee Titans Wide Receiver in "1999 AFC Championship Game" in 2000. Played Himself - Tennessee Titans Wide Receiver in "Super Bowl XXXIV" in 2000. Played Himself - Carolina Panthers Wide Receiver in "Super Bowl XXXVIII" in 2004.

What year was Super Bowl XXXIV?

Super Bowl XXXIV was played on January 30, 2000 in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. The St. Louis Rams defeated the Tennessee Titans, 23-16.

When did Kurt Warner win the Super Bowl for the Rams?

That was Super Bowl XXXIV against the Tennessee Titans played January 30, 2000.

Have the Tennessee Titans ever win a super bowl?

No. They made Superbowl XXXIV but lost 23-16 to the Rams.

What was the last time time the rams won the Super Bowl?

That was January 30, 2000 in Super Bowl XXXIV - Rams 23, Titans 16.

What defender made a victory-saving tackle on the final play of super bowl 34?

On January 30, 2000, St. Louis Rams linebacker Mike Jones sealed a 23-16 victory over the Tennessee Titans in Super Bowl XXXIV, tackling Titans receiver Kevin Dyson at the 1 as time ran out.

What Super Bowl is xxxiv?

Super Bowl XXXIV was Super Bowl 34. It occurred on January 30th, 2000 at the Georgia Dome, in Atlanta, Georgia. The St. Louis Rams defeated the Tennessee Titans 23 - 16. Kurt Warner was named the MVP.

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