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Back in 1891

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Q: What time period was basketball first invented?
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When was basketball first introduced at the high school level?

Around the time basketball was invented. It hit high school before turning into the NBA.

What was basketball inventor's job at the time he invented basketball?

Mr. Naismith was a professor

How basketball at the first time?

basketball was mainly streetball at first

What period of time were clocks invented?

There were many different clocks made over the centries but, when the first clock was invented it was about 3,500 BC

What date and time was Basketball invented?

It was the winter of 1891-1892.

Who invented the first headlights for cars?

The first headlights on cars were invented in the 1880's and were configured similar to gas lamps of the same time period. The first electric headlight was invented by the Electric Vehicle Company.

When is the time regulation for every period in basketball?

20 minutes

Why James naismith invented basketball?

he invented basketball because he wanted another sport. Also they wanted another game to be played in the winter time.

Can you be the first person to be a basketball player at 9?

Sure. You'll need to invent a time machine first, though; nine year olds have probably been playing basketball essentially since the sport was invented.

What period of time was a spear invented?

yesterday :):):):):):):)

How long did basketball games last at the time it was invented?

Wicked quick!

When did Theodosius of birthynia invented the first sundial?

Theodysius of Bithynia invented the first sundial in the time period of 160 BC - 100 BC. Theodysius was a Greek astronomer and mathematician.

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