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You can always check the latest schedule on the Chicago Cubs site. The link is in the related links section.

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After they wake up from hibernation

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Q: What time of year would you see cubs playing?
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What time of year would see fox cubs playing?

a foxes cub plays during about the winter season. They roll about the snow and cover their selfs up with snow. ^^ :q :) :(

What year did the cubs begin playing in the national league?

The Cubs franchise started play in the National League in 1876, the first season of the National League. At that time, they were known as the White Stockings.

How long have the Cubs been playing the song Go Cubs Go at Wrigley?

it started at the beginning of the 2007 year

When was the first and last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series?

As of the 2008 season, the first year the Cubs won the World Series was 1907 and the last year the Cubs won the World Series was 1908.

How long does a polar bear keep its cubs?

A sow will keep her cubs with her for over a year, often two, until she deems it's time to wean them.

What time of year is cheetahs offspring?

They don't have them at a certain time or season. They give birth to their cubs whenever, really.Cubs are born all year round.

In what year did the Chicago Cubs begin playing at Wrigley Field?

The Cubs moved from West Side Park II to Wrigley Field for the 1916 season.

How much is a Cubs 1940 baseball?

The last time the Cubs won the World Series was in 1908. They have appeared in number of series since. You would have to be more specific to the year the World Series baseball is from, and if it is signed or a souvenir from the series.

When was the last time the Cubs won their division?

MLB switched from two division per league to three divisions per league in 1994. The Cubs went from the East Division to the Central Division.

What was year and who was the manager the last time the Chicago Cubs won the world series?

1908, Frank Chance.

What time of year do white tigers have tigers babies?

Spring.And they're not tiger babies they're cubs.

What time of year does the great white shark have its cubs?

it is when two sharks start looking at other sharks