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Netball can be played all year round. Competitive netball is often played in the summer, depending on which hemisphere you live in. School netball is often played in netball.

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Q: What time of year is netball played in?
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What time of year is netball played?

Netball start in Term 2 and goes to the end of term 3 during the winter months.

Where was netball first played?

In 1895 was the first time they played netball

In what year was netball first played?

1895 :)

Is there a timekeeper in netball?

no but there is a time keeper in high five netball which is played in primary schools!

How many quarters are played in a netball game?

netball involves four quarters, but the length of time depends on the level you are playing at

Where is Netball played a lot?

netball can be played world wide

What year did James naismith invented netball?

Netball was invented in 1891 by James Naismith. The first games were played with a peach basket and a soccer ball.

What is the playing area of netball?

Netball is played on a Court. All positions played in netball have a strict rule as to where in the court you can play.

What does local netball mean?

local netball is basiclly netball played in your local area.

Why is netball seen as not a real sport?

Netball is not seen as a real sport because it is based on another sport, its brother basketball. Netball originated from basketball not that long a time ago, which is another reason why people don't regard netball as a sport. However, that way of thinking may change very soon when netball becomes more popular. Also, netball is a sport played only by girls which restricts the popularity. If netball was played by boys than it may become part of the Olympics.

What year netball being?

Netball was invented in 1892 but was called Women's Basketball not Netball.

In what year was netball invented?

netball was invented in 1895

What year was netball made?

Netball was invented in 1895

How high should a netball hoop be for 9 year olds?

Netball hoops for 9 year olds depend weather they are playing netta or netball. for netball its 2.5 m and netta is 1.5

How do you spell netball in french?

Netball is not a word in french because it is not played in France. If someone were to refer to netball they would just call it "netball".

What countries is netball played in over the world?

netball is played in 70 countries, mostly those in the Commonwealth

Where was the first netball game played?

Netball was first played in England in 1895 at Madame Ostenburg's College

What maths is used in netball?

For adding up the score, the time played and left in a game etc

Size ball in netball?

netball is played with a size 5 ball

How do you spell netballcort?

The phrase is two words "netball court" (where netball is played).

How is basketball similar to netball?

Both basketball and netball are played on the same court

How long has Maria Tutaia played netball for?

Maria Tutaia has played netball since primary school, in Blockhouse Bay.

Is netball played at the Olympics?

no. it is not played at the Olympics because not many countries know how to play netball.

What is Netball's national country?

Netball was started in England in the late 1890's. It's a version of American basketball, netball is mostly played by women. It is played by two teams of seven players.

What is the difference between netball and handball?

In handball you have goals and in netball you have a net(like in basketball). Balls are different. Netball is mostly(only) played by females.