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This year the time of opening is 9:00 PM London Time

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Q: What time is the opening ceremonies for this years Olympic s?
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What time is the 2010 Winter Olympic Opening Ceremonies?


What time will the opening ceremonies be on the east coast of US?

Opening ceremonies for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games commence at 4 PM Eastern Daylight Saving Time on July 27.

What time are olympic closing ceremonies pacific standard time? says Closing Ceremonies begin at 8:30pm on NBC, but other Olympic coverage will be on before then.

What time does the Olympics start Arizona time?

2:00 pmThe opening ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games begin at 9 PM BST, which is 1 PM MST.

When is the Olympic torch coming to the Falkirk wheel?

They time the running of the torch from Greece to the Olympic venues so that the torch is carried into the main stadium at the end of the opening ceremonies and the big flame in the stadium is lit by the torch.

What time are Olympic closing ceremonies?

i want to know what time the closing ceremonies start....want to watch jimmy page perform.....

What time opening ceremony pst?

Opening ceremonies for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games commence on July 27 at 12 noon Pitcairn Standard Time. (The Pitcairn Islands is the only place that uses a time zone abbreviated PST during July.)

What time in the US will the opening ceremonies be televised?

7:30 pm

What time will the opening ceremonies start?

four thirty in the morning in australia

What is the date of the first time Olympics held in the US?

The first Olympic Games held in the United States was in St. Louis, Missouri. Opening ceremonies took place July 1, 1904.

What time does the olympic opening ceremony start mountain time?


When was the olympic opening ceremony last held in the day time?


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