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It doesn't, it starts in Londong.

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Q: What time does the London Olympics opening start in New York?
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Did New York ever host the summer Olympics?

no..answer is london

Who bided for the 2012 summer Olympics?

Madrid,New York,Moscow,Paris and London

What was the opening date of cats the musical?

The opening date for Cats in London was May 11, 1981 and the opening date for the show in New York Was October 7,1982.

Which subway was built first. New York or London?

London. The Metropolitan Railway opened in 1863, with the first deep level tube lines opening in the 1890s. The New York Subway was first opened in 1904.

Which five cities were the finalists for hosting the 2012 Olympics?

Moscow, New York City, Madrid and Paris lost to London

Who bid for the 2012 Olympics?

There were nine cities who bid for a chance to host the 2012 Olympics. Those countries were: London, Havana, Istanbul, Leipzig, Madrid, Moscow, New York City, Paris, and Rio de Janeiro.

In which direction would you travel to get to Romania and you start from Maryland?

To the East; by plane, New York-London-Bucharest.

Who was London up against in the bid of the 2012 summer Olympics?

Paris Moscow Madrid New York Leipzig Rio De Janeiro Istanbul Havana

How far is it from New York to London?

The distance from London to New York is 5585 km.

Is York bigger than London?

No, London is larger than York

If it is AM in London what time is it in New York?

London is 5 hours earlier than New York. If it is 10 AM in London, it is 5 AM in New York.

Why does Nylon stand for New York and London?

New York and London = Nylon.