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seven ten

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Q: What time do the Milwaukee Brewers play today?
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What time do the brewers play today?

seven ten

Who is the Milwaukee Brewers all time leader in saves?

Trevor Hoffman

Is the Milwaukee Brewers game today televised?

It's on wmlw. Channel 41 for basic antenna tv and channel 7 on time warner cable.

Did Hank Aaron ever play in the American league?

Yes. In 1975 and 1976, the baseball great finished his career with the Milwaukee Brewers, who were an American League team at the time. The Brewers moved to the National League in 1998.

Who was the President the last time the Milwaukee Brewers made it to the World Series?

Ronald Reagan

What team has the best all-time record against the New York Yankees?

Milwaukee Brewers!

What team did Hank Aaron play for first?

Aaron played for the Braves franchise, first in Milwaukee (1954-1965) and then in Atlanta (1966-1974). He ended his career with the Milwaukee Brewers, which was an American League team at the time (1975-1976).

How many National Baseball clubs play at home in the central time zone?

There are a total of three National League Baseball teams that play in the central time zone. These teams are the Milwaukee Brewers, Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals.

Who is the Milwaukee Brewers all-time home run leader with 251 home runs?

Hall of Famer Robin Yount who played with the Brewers between 1974-1993.

Which Brewer has 1118 career strikeouts?

Geoff Jenkins is #2 on the Milwaukee Brewers all time strike out list with 1118.

What is the Milwaukee Brewers all time win-loss record?

1969-2008 2935 wins -3281 losses .472 winning percentage

What is the Chicago Cubs' all-time record against the Milwaukee Brewers?

Through the 2017 season, the two teams have played 330 games. The Cubs have won 169 games, while the Brewers have won 161.

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