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Q: What time can you get in to see the pregame warmups?
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Is pregame a verb?

No, pregame is an adjective:The pregame entertainment was terrible.Or a noun:the tackle in question was made during last night’s pregame

How much time on the clock for pre game warmups for a basketball game?

Generally 15 minutes

What time does the 2014 super bowl pregame start central time?

5:30 p.m.

When was ESPNews Pregame created?

ESPNews Pregame was created in 2006.

What time does the pregame start on TV?

Im pretty sure that it starts at 6:30

What time does the 2011 super bowl pregame show start?

5:30 pm pst

Super Bowl 2009 time in California?

3pm on nbc. the pregame show starts at 10am

When was The NFL on NBC pregame show created?

The NFL on NBC pregame show was created in 2006.

What are ballet warmups?

Ballet warmups are articles of clothing that are used to keep the body and muscles warm until the dancer's body has started a sweat and the muscles are working. Some common ballet warmups are legwarmers, shrugs, and shorts. Basically, they help prevent the dancer's from pulling a muscle.

What is pregame?

what do you take pregamal for.

How do you make a sentence with the word pregame?

the patriots had a good pre gameI'll be hosting the pregame show next week!

What does the pregame mean?

Before the game