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Generally 15 minutes

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Q: How much time on the clock for pre game warmups for a basketball game?
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Why does a basketball clock count down instead of up?

the clock counts down to show how much time is remaining in the game, it doesn't really matter which way the clock counts, but to me it does make more sense to know how much time is left in the game rather than how much time has elapsed in the game.

How much time on the shot clock is needed to get off a shot in basketball?

Players in the NBA have a 24-second grace period from the shot clock to get off a shot clock. In college basketball, the shot clock limit is 35 seconds.

How much time you have to score in basketball?

There is a 24 second shot clock in the NBA.

How much is basketball tickets?

Depeneds on the game

How much do basketball player sweat in a game?

they dont

Whats the fastest possible shot in basketball?

the fastest shot ever in basket ball was 0.01 that's how much time was left on the clock when he shot and made it to win the game after that they made a rule saying that u canot shoot if the clock has 0.03 or lower on the clock hope this helps u

How much is a ticket for US men's basketball game?


How is bocce different from baseball and basketball?

it is a much older game

Is basketball a bad game?

yes very much so

How much does a professional basketball refree make?

10000 a game

How much time do college basketball players get on the shot clock?

they play only two quaters of 24 minutes

What is the difference between an official game basketball and a replica basketball?

a real basketball has much more grip than a replica and cost more to.

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