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Super Bowl XLIII is scheduled to be played on February 1, 2009 kickoff at 6:20 PM Eastern Time (23:20 GMT), at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida NBC will air the Superbowl

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Q: What time and channel will Super Bowl 2009 be televised in Dallas TX?
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What channel will broadcast Super Bowl 2009 in Missouri?

whatever channel is ABC in your area.

What channel is the 2009 Super Bowl on dish network?

Super Bowl XLIII will be broadcast on whatever channel is your local NBC affiliate.

Who's had most Super Bowl appearances?

The Dallas Cowboys have the most Super Bowl appearances with 8, as of 2009.

Where can I view a video of Journey's performance at Super Bowl 2009?

You tube has 1 song the televised song. Type in Journey Superbowl 2009. It is: Don't stop beleiving.

What channel is the super bowl 2009 on?

NBC network 6pm on east coast

What channel will the Super Bowl on in Minnesota?

The super bowl always shows on CBS. Whatever channel CBS is in your are will be the channel the super bowl is on.

What are the release dates for The Revolution Will Be Televised A Documentary on 2008 Election - 2009?

The Revolution Will Be Televised A Documentary on 2008 Election - 2009 was released on: USA: 24 January 2009 (limited)

Where will the Super Bowl be played this year?

It will be played at the new Dallas Cowboys stadium in Arlington Texas.

What TV channel will the 2009 Super Bowl be aired on?

NBC has the broadcast rights for the Super Bowl in 2009.

What channel will broadcast Super Bowl 2009?

Probably NBC, ABC or TSN, depending where you live.

How many football games were televised in 2008 and 2009?

All of them.

What channel will broadcast super bowl in 2009 in southern Calif?

According to several sources on the internet, super bowl forty three will be broadcast on the National Broadcasting Channel or NBC as it is known on Sunday February 1st, 2009. In Southern California the normal channel assignment is Channel 4. However with the introduction of digital television, cable and satellite providers your channel assignment may or may not differ from that of Channel 4. If unsure Cable and Satellite subscribers can check with their providers to see what channel NBC is on their channel lineup.