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Super Bowl XLIII will be broadcast on whatever channel is your local NBC affiliate.

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Q: What channel is the 2009 Super Bowl on dish network?
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What channel is the super bowl 2009 on?

NBC network 6pm on east coast

What network has the 2009 Super Bowl?

The 2009 Super Bowl XLIII was aired on NBC.

What channel is the 2014 super bowl on?

fox network

What channel is 2008 Super Bowl on dish network?

From what i have heard it will be on channel 240 on dish network

On what channel can you watch the Super Bowl in bangor Maine?

The channel that you watch the Super Bowl in Bangor, Maine depends on the cable service you have. The channel also changes from network to network each year.

What channel is the Super Bowl on February 1st 2009?

It is on channel 7.

What network broadcast Super Bowl 43?

NBC is the network hosting Super Bowl 43 iN fl: local Tampa Station "News Channel 8", cable channel 7

What channel on Dish Network will carry Super Bowl 48?

Super Bowl 48 was played on February 2, 2014, and was broadcast on Fox. If you have Dish Network, you can watch the Super Bowl on the Fox channel. The Fox channel is typically included in most Dish Network programming packages, but you may need to check your specific package to confirm that you have access to the channel. If you don't have the Fox channel, you can contact Dish Network to upgrade your package or to find out how you can watch the Super Bowl.

What channel does super bowl 2011 come on dish network?


What sports channel will be broadcasting the Super Bowl?

It will be televised live by the FOX network, not a sports channel.

What channel will broadcast Super Bowl 2009 in Missouri?

whatever channel is ABC in your area.

What channel is the super bowl on dish network?

Try either 11 or 45

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