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8th April, sunday 2012 11 AM onwards in Ten Sports.

11th April, Wednesday 07 PM onwards in Ten Sports.

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Q: What time WrestleMania will be telecasted on ten sports?
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Which day and what time WrestleMania is going to telecast on ten sports?

14 april

When WrestleMania going to telecast on ten sports?

ON 14th of APRIL..............

Will WWE ever be telecasted live in India?

We'll have to see. Its only possible when it becomes very popular in India like cricket, hockey , football or any other famous sport. Its also possible when any sports channel signs a heavy contract with WWE. It is telecasted on Ten Sports.

Which channels show WWE and when in India?

Ten Sports telecasts WWE in India. WWE Raw and SmackDown on every thursdays and fridays at 5:00 pm. WWE Superstars and NXT on every Saturdays and Sundays at 5:00 pm. And WWE Specials will be telecasted during Sundays at noon. NOTE: The timings I mentioned may be not same every time but this is the usual time WWE will be telecasted.

What is the schedule time of WrestleMania 28 on ten sport?

at 7pm on sunday april 1st

IS Indian women cricket matches telecast?

Indian women's cricket team participates in global cricket competitions like the Women's World Cup, Women's T20 championship and the Asia Cup. Their matches are telecasted on several channels like Ten Sports, Start Sports and ESPN sports.

When is royal rumble coming on ten sports in India and at what time?

it is coming on 6 feb at 12 pm on ten sports

What channel is WrestleMania on HD?

ten hd

What time does WWE raw live on ten sports?

1200am on fridays

When was TEN Sports created?

TEN Sports was created in 2002.

When is Tensports of India going to telecast Wrestlemania 26?

Ten sports is gonna telecast it on 4th April 2010 at 5:00 P.M. U can't afford to miss it.

When will WWE elimination chamber 2011 will be broadcasted on ten sports India?

27 Feb 2011, 5-PM Ind Time & repeat broadcast on 10-PM Ind Time. on Ten-sports.

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