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ice skating

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Q: What three olympic gold medals did Wilma Rudolph won?
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Who was Wilma Rudolph?

Wilma Rudolph was a person who won three Olympic gold medals in track and field.

Where did Wilma Rudolph work?

Wilma Rudolph is well known for winning three gold medals in the 1960 Olympic. Wilma worked as a teacher and coached track.

Was Wilma Rudolph the first black woman to win three gold medals in an Olympic game?


What happened to Wilma Rudolph when she was a child to make her three olympic gold medals more amazing?

She had polio in her legs.

What is Wilma Rudolph known for doing?

Wilma Rudolph is best known for being the first female athlete to win three gold medals at the Olympic Games in 1960. She did this after overcoming a number of childhood illnesses.

How did Wilma Rudolph feel about winning three gold medals?


How may medals in total did Wilma Rudolph win?

Wilma Rudolph won 4 medals in two Olympics... a bronze in 1956 (Melbourne) and three golds in 1960 (Rome) I think the number in total medals won by Wilma Rudolph is five ,We must also remember that Wilma had polio and still won medals.

What things Wilma Rudolph achieve?

Wilma Rudolph won three medals at the track and field event, even though she had a leg problem.

Who overcame polio to win three Gold Medals in 1960?

Wilma Rudolph

Why is Wilma Rudolph important?

she won three medals in the 1960 Olympics in rome.

What was Wilma Rudolph conclusion?

she wast the first women who had three gold medals

Who was the only African American woman to win three golds?

Olympic Icon Wilma Rudolph is the only African American woman to have won three gold medals. Rudolph left her mark on the track.

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