What third baseman wears number 5?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Ron Santo

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Johnny Moore(1932)

Riggs Stephenson (1933-34)

Tuck Stainback (1935-36)

Billy Jurges (1937-38)

Dick Bartell (1939)

Billy Rogell (1940)

Bill Myers (1941)

Clyde McCullough (1941-42)

Johnny Moore (1945)

Hank Schenz (1947-49)

Bob Ramazzotti (1949-53)

Bruce Edwards (1954)

Vern Morgan (1955)

Frank Kellert (1956)

Bobby Del Greco (1957)

Frank Ernaga (1957)

Tony Taylor (1958-60)

Lou Boudreau (1960)

Jimmie Schaffer (1963-64)

Whitey Lockman (1966)

Joey Amalfitano (1967-71, 1978-81)

Q. V. Lowe (1972)

Adrian Garrett (1974)

Irv Noren (1975)

Randy Hundley (1976)

Al Dark (1977)

Gordy MacKenzie (1982)

Ruben Amaro (1983-86)

Jim Snyder (1987)

Chuck Cottier (1988-91, 1994)

Jim Lefebvre (1992-93)

Jim Riggleman (1995-99)

Rene Lachemann (2000-2002)

Tom Goodwin (2003)

Tony Womack (2003)

Michael Barrett (2004)

Nomar Garciaparra(2004-05)

Ronny Cedeno (2006-08)

Jake Fox (2009)

Sam Fuld (2010)

Reed Johnson (2011)

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Q: What third baseman wears number 5?
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Who wears number 5 for the San Francisco Giants?

Second baseman Ryan Theriot wears the number during the 2012 season.

Who wore the number 5 on the New York Mets?

#5 is David Wright, the Mets third baseman.

Who wears 5 for the St. Louis Cardinals?

Albert Pujos-First baseman

Home 2.1st base 3.2nd base 4 third base what phrase is being depicted?

Scorekeepers identify players by the number of the position they play. The catcher is 2; the 1st baseman is 3; the 2nd baseman is 4; the 3rd baseman is 5.

What is a common third baseman number?

One of the greatest third basemen ever, Brooks Robinson, wore #5. That's also the number the position is given in box scores. Mike Schmidt wore #20.

Who wears Mancunian republic jersey number 5?

Rio Ferdinand wears jersey number 5 for mancunian republic.

Who wears number 5 for the Milwaukee Brewers?

Currently, Taylor Green wears #5 for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Who currently wears number 5 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Kicker Swayze Waters currently wears #5 for the Steelers.

How tall is Delia Baseman?

Delia Baseman is 5' 6".

How tall is Olivia Baseman?

Olivia Baseman is 5' 6".

How to mark a scorecard in baseball?

Keeping ScoreEach position is assigned a number for scoring purpose. 1- Pitcher 2- Catcher 3- First Baseman 4- Second Baseman 5- Third Baseman 6-Short Stop 7- Left Fielder 8- Center Fielder 9- Right Fielder . If a player is forced out at second or third the number would be 4 or 5 depending on the base and the player that made the put out. In the mix any assist by another player is recorded as well. For example: the shortstop fields the ball throws to the second baseman for the force out at second it is scored 6-4

Who wears number 5 on the Baltimore Orioles?

A asian in a box!