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how to to to dance (:

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Q: What things do you need to know to be on a JV or varsity cheer squad in high school?
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Does Hefner middle school have a cheer squad?

yess... they do.. and kind the love great additude ... im on the cheer squad

Does buljan middle school have a good cheer squad?

Buljan Has The Best Cheer Squad!! Im excited to Join the team(:

How do you letter in high school cheerleading?

Normally you will letter in high school cheerleading if you are on the varsity squad.

How can you make your middle school cheer leading squad?

You can make your middle school cheer leading squad by practicing each day to make the team. Learn lots of cheers and moves for your tryout.

Where can you sign up for a cheerleading squad?

Talk to a coach. You can cheer at a gym or at school.

How do you make the high school cheer team?

well if ur school has a cheer squad every once in a while they will have tryouts. if u do well in these tryout u will be selected to join the cheer squad. just do ur best at tryouts and practice a lot you should get in. my tip. do a rueteen or solo that another cheer leader has done on ether t.v or ur school squad. maximum ride girl :)

How old do you have to be to get on a cheer squad?

Answer depends on the squad.

How do you make the cheer squad?

You try out for the team. If it's for high school or college, sometimes it a can be for middle school.

Does Huntington High School in West Virginia have cheerleading?

Yes they have a Varsity and JV squad for Football and Basketball.

What is the predicate in the sentence My sister is the captain of the cheer-leading squad?

is the captain of the cheer- leading squad

When did All Star Cheer Squad happen?

All Star Cheer Squad happened in 2008.

What is competitive cheer?

Competitive Cheer is when a cheerleading squad goes to competitions against other squads. Football and basketball games are used as practice for competitions. Cheerleading competitions can be large or small. High school teams as well as All-Star teams compete in these competitions under many different levels based on team size, tumbling abillity, varsity, junior varsity, all-star etc.

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