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Every school and jv team is different, you should ask the jv coach, what the requirements are.

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Q: What is required for JV high school cheer leading?
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Where can you do cheer leading?

high school cheer squads middle school squads commpetitive cheer squads

What happens in book 3 of Monster High?

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Cb asked lhs wheere is my cheer leading uniform from 08?

Hey, lavergne high school asked you guys where is my lhs cheer leading uniform from 2008-2009.

Christine bromley found your cheer leading uniform for 08-09?

Hey, lavergne high school we found my cheer leading it has lhs on it and it beter be black blue and silver or new pom poms and new blue bow, cheer leading shoes.

What is A Varsity Cheerleading Team?

A varsity cheer leading team is a cheer team with younger kids. See, I'm in junior high, and I'm cheering with the high school, therefore, I'm a varsity cheer leader.

is 127.3 Lbs to heavy to stunt in high school cheer leading?

i think it is way too heavy to stunt

Where do high school cheerleaders compete?

High School Cheerleaders compete at cheer-leading competitions such as the NCA. You can learn more information about cheerleading online at the Wikipedia website.

What are mascots used for?

Mascots are commonly used for cheer-leading purposes. They are quite popular in high school and college sporting events and activities.

What is the most popular cheer-leading stunt?

An elevator. extention pop cradle! go Columbia high school! you can look us up

Requirements to become a high school cheerleading coach?

Cheer leading coaches should have a background in cheering and gymnastics. They should also be free of a criminal record.

How good do you have to be to make the JV cheer leading team at a high school?

It depends on the school. Some schools require no tumbling at all, you just have to be able to smile, dance, and cheer. However, some schools look for girls with higher tumbling skills such as backhandsprings and tucks

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