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The most important thing is to have the strong will to practice gymnastics.

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Q: What things do you need to do gymnastics?
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Does gymnastics use force?

Yes, gymnastics does use force. Force is actually one of the most importan requirements in gymnastics. You need force to push up into a handstand, you need force to kick over in a backbend, you need force to push off the ground when you rebound, you need force for alot of things in gymnastics.

Is there a science experiment for gymnastics?

In gymnastics you will need to have an experiment for gymnastics when you are doing a research

Do you need a leotard for gymnastics?

Yes you do need a leotard for gymnastics though I'm not sure why.

What are 3 bad things about doing gymnastics?

Three bad things about doing gymnastics are,Risk of injuryStressPassing/concussions

Seesaw in gymnastics?

There is no see-saw in gymnastics, but there are many more fun things to do!

Do you need gymnastics for parkour?


What does strength have to do with gymnastics?

In gymnastics, you must have a lot of strength in order to tumble and do skills. Conditioning is one of the most important things to do, in a gymnastics practice. You cannot do a back flip if you have no muscles. Gymnastics takes lots of upper body strength. You need strength to support your own body weight.

Instrument used in gymnastics?

there are many things used in gymnastics such as ribbons, balls, hula hoops, batons, etc. for rhythmic gymnastics.

What things to do starting with G?

Grow, Gymnastics, Go Green! Grow, Gymnastics, Go Green!

Is gymnastics or baseball better?

i think gymnastics is because you can flip and jump and do all sorts of things

What can one learn from gymnastics?

What one can learn from gymnastics isFlexibilityStrengthCordinationThere is other things that one can learn from gymnastics but these are the most common and importan ones.

What sports need flexabitity?


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