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A net, and a volleyball

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Q: What things are used in volleyball?
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What equimpment is used to play volleyball 2 or 3 things?

Volleyball Net Volleyball Court For clothes: Knee Pads Sometimes special volleyball shorts If you are on a team, volleyball jerseys

What is the popularity of volleyball?

Volleyball used to be a very non-popular sport but in the last year or two things have really kicked off. More and more people are starting to play volleyball and realize they are good.

What are bad things and bad things about volleyball?


What is a mintonette in volleyball?

Mintonette is what Volleyball used to be called.

How is a lever used in volleyball?

to adjust a volleyball net

Is volleyball is a racquet sport?

A racquet is not used for volleyball.

In a volleyball game when is a spike used?

you can you used spike in volleyball once you achieved immortaility

What are facilities in volleyball?

the facilities used in volleyball is an open area

School things that start with V?

· volleyball

What is the Equipment and Facilities used in volleyball?

There are many types of equipment that is used in volleyball. This includes the volleyball and the net that separates the two teams that play.

What is smash in volleyball?

It is the worst thing you could do in volleyball... never perform this! or things will go down.

What are 2 things players are not allowed to do in a serve in volleyball?

One of the things volleyball players aren't allowed to do is step on or past the serving line.

What are the equipment used for volleyball?

well just for playing volleyball really

Volleyball net is used for?

Volleyball ( ) ( ) ( * - * ) ( ' ) ( ' ) ( " )( " ) <---- FAT BUNNY WABITT

What things that have to do with volleyball that start with the letter z?


What is the radius or the diameter of a junior volleyball net?

Radius and diameter are used for round things. Not particularly useful for describing a net.

The scoring system in a game of volleyball?

the scoring used in volleyball is rally scoring

What ia the meterial use in volleyball?

Material used in volleyball is sponge type.

What energy transformations are used in volleyball?

The energy transformations in volleyball are: mechanical and sound!

What are the biggest things you need to learn to be good at volleyball?

The biggest things you need to learn to be good in volleyball is: Bumping, Setting, Spiking, Serving, and good sportsmanship.

What class of lever is used during a volleyball serve?

above vi std players are used volleyball serve

What volleyball technique is used to hit the volleyball when the volleyball travels below the waist?

I believe it's called setting the ball

Is volleyball an adjective?

No, it is a noun, either for the game or the ball used in it. It can be a noun adjunct in terms such as volleyball team and volleyball court.

What cloth is used in a volleyball?


How is technology used in volleyball?