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This depends on many factors mainly the water temperature in which you will be diving in. Warm waters 3mm to 5mm while cold waters you will be requiring thicker wetsuits from 5mm to 7mm. Duration of dive and depth also come into play.

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Q: What thickness wetsuit do you need for scuba diving?
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What do you need to scuba dive?

Mask, fins, snorkel, SCUBA tanks, Buoyancy Control Device and weights. It's also nice to have a wetsuit and dive computer.Also, see the answer in the question "What is the required equipment for scuba diving?"

How do you learn to scuba dive?

To learn to scuba dive you need to go a scuba diving course.

What type of equipment do you need for scuba diving?


How much weights a scuba diver needs to dive in the ocean?

There are a few factors that determine how much weights you will need. You body weight and size plays an important role in identifying the amount of weights to put on your scuba weight belt. Some of your scuba gear like your wetsuit, booties etc... will make you more buoyant so you will need to compensate for this increase in buoyancy. For example, without your wetsuit, you may require only a few pounds of scuba diving weights if any at all. On the other hand, the amount of scuba weights you need with a wetsuit will vary depending upon the type and thickness of the wetsuit you will be using. A typical approximation for a cold water wetsuit is about 10% of your body weight being slightly more if you will be using a dry suit. If for example, you weight 70 kilograms, you will probably need about 7 kilograms of weight. However this should only be taken as an estimate as there are many factors which can affect your buoyancy underwater. To test if you are wearing the correct amount of scuba weights, wear all your scuba gear and enter the water too deep to stand in. Completely deflate your scuba bcd and position yourself vertically motionless in the water while holding your breath. For optimal weighting you should be floating at eye level. Exhale and if you sink slowly then you should have found your correct weight.

What kind of scuba equipment do you need for beginning scuba lessons?

In order to begin scuba lessons, you will require an oxygen tank, a wetsuit, a mouthpiece, as well as flippers. Your scuba classes most likely offer these equipment.

What scuba diving equipment does Mares sell?

Mares sells a wide range of scuba diving equipment that one would need when going on a scuba diving trip. Some equipment include jackets, fins, masks, snorkels as well as spear guns.

What is SCUBA health insurance?

Scuba health insurance is the insurance that protects you while you are scuba diving if you need any health procedures because of your diving. For example, if you were to get the bends from scuba diving, or if your lung were to rupture from holding your breath, this scuba insurance would cover it. Since paying for these procedures are very expensive "out of pocket," this means that you might not get the treatment unless you have this, or at least you could not pay it off.

What do you need to know to be a scubadiver?

To be a Scuba Diver you have to take a course in scuba diving which varies in cost depending on how old you are or where you are in the world .

How do you spell Scuba in Italian?

Scuba is a word based on an acronym so it is international, now the word diving will need to be translated.

What is the equipment you will need to go diving in Antarctica?

Standard diving equipement, with the use of a drysuit instead of a wetsuit. A battery operated suit heater would be optional.

What do you need to explore the ocean?

a scuba diving outfit but with an air tank that is full

Do you have to be a certain weight or body type to be a scuba diver?

No, you don't need a certain body type to scuba dive. Because you use flippers to SCUBA dive, you can be a very lousy swimmer and learn to SCUBA dive. You may look stupid with a very tight wet suit during scuba diving, but you can dive. When I got certified, I learned that you have a very slightly higher chance of the Bends during scuba diving, but this is a small percentage. The pros of scuba diving outweigh the cons.

What types of scuba diving can I go on?

Professional Diving is a type of diving where the divers are paid for their work. Recreational diving or sport diving is a type of diving that uses SCUBA equipment for the purpose of leisure and enjoyment. Military, navy, rescue and police diving courses need to be taken per your division or location. Technical and scientific diving is mainly for research and exploration.

What do scuba divers need for a good education?

Like all adults or older teenagers; scuba divers need English and Maths also physics and scuba diving training. Hope I answered your question xx

What physical things do you need to scuba dive?

You need a wetsuit/drysuit, first and second stage apparatus, a snorkel (to save air), whistle/airhorn, buddy, certification, scuba tanks, and you would need a mask, defogger, and there is some optional equipment that you may need.

Why cant there just be one person diving?

You need a buddy in scuba in case something happens, like you run out of air or something. You definitely always need a buddy in scuba!!!

What physical traits do fish need to survive underwater?

The ability not to drown, or a scuba diving kit.

How do you get the metal conponents for the scuba diving suit on my sims agaent?

You need to ask the guy in the petting zoo :)

What scuba diving equipment is required for a deep sea dive?

There are many available options for deep sea diving scuba equipment. You will need a breathing apparatus, diving suit, gloves, boots, a safety helmet, a depth gauge, compass and depending on your depth, a cage for protection against predators. I would contact a sports shop specializing in scuba gear for a complete list.

What muscles are used in scuba diving?

mostly all the muscles in the leg and some in your arm. you need to be able to paddle so its requies a lot of energy depending on where you are diving and wht kind of diving you intend to do

Is scuba diving safe for someone who had a disc replacement?

Of course the answer is you need to ask a doctor. The big concern I would have is not so much the actual diving, but the weight you are going to have on your back wearing the scuba gear in and out of the water - which will be greater than 50 pounds.

How old do you need to be to do scuba diving?

This depends in most areas. In the US, you can scuba dive at 14 and get a Junior Scuba Certification, but you would need a certified adult with you. However, at 16, you would get a regular certification. In the Caribbean, you need to be 16 to scuba dive. In other areas the age limit depends, but in most places it is around 14 or 16.

Do you have to go to college to scuba dive?

No, you do not have to go to college, but you do need specific training. They usually have this training at something like a YMCA or something similar. This training, while expensive, allows you to take multiple dives, lessons, and a test to get your diving certification card. This card allows you to dive, but you should never (I repeat, NEVER) go diving alone. This card allows you to get scuba gear and gas for scuba diving.

How much does a scuba diving tank weigh full?

It depends on the size of the tank. The standard tank used at most scuba diving training facilities use an aluminum 80. The tank weighs around 21 lbs. full. As the tank is used during diving it becomes more boyant, meaning that you need to use more weight at the end of the dive then you need at the beginning.

Where is the oyster cage on big nates island?

You need the scuba gear from the photo guy and go diving. The cage is down there.