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Q: What the name of Glasgow rangers stadium?
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What football ground does Glasgow Rangers play at?

They play in Glasgow, Scotland at Ibrox Stadium.

Where do rangers fc play?

Ibrox Stadium, Govan,Glasgow

What is Glasgow rangers football ground called?

Ibrox Stadium

Where do the football team rangers play?

Ibrox Stadium in the Govan area of Glasgow

For which team is Ibrox the home stadium?

Ibrox is the home stadium for the team 'The Rangers FC' (formerly known as Glasgow Rangers). The stadium is the third largest stadium in Scotland and has a seating capacity of 51,082.

Can you name 13 Glasgow rangers players with you in their name?


Why are Glasgow rangers called rangers?

The name rangers was adopted from an English rugby club. The Glasgow part of the name was never officaly adopted by the club. The correct name of the company and the club is Rangers Football Club Limited. Although based in Glasgow, the city name forms no part of the club name.

Who is more successful Glasgow rangers or Glasgow Celtic?

Glasgow Rangers.........By a MILE!

What is the average attendance for Glasgow Rangers?

The average attendence for Glasgow Rangers is 38,000 for Home matches åt Ibrox Stadium. However, in the early 1980s when Rangers were going through än unsuccessful period, attendences plummeted to below 5,000

Where is the Crown Plaza Glasgow?

"The Crowne Plaza Glasgow is located at Congress Road, Strathclyde, Glasgow G3 8QT, Scotland. It is minutes from the Glasgow International Airport, the Exhibition Centre rail stations, and the Rangers football stadium."

Name players who have played for Glasgow rangers and Italy?


Who does Martin Laird follow Glasgow Celtic or Glasgow Rangers?

He is a Rangers fan

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