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they can't go into the goal circles

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Q: What the game of netball what cant a player do?
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Can you wear beads in your hair when playing netball?

No you cant wear beads in your hair in a game of netball for safety.

Which team player is responsible for a toss in a netball game?

No particular team player is responsible for the toss, but the captain of the netball team

Is netball a team game?

Yes, Netball is a team game.

What does contact mean in a game of netball?

Contact is where you push or shove a player and they fall or stumble

How far does a center player player run in a game of netball?

Centre's can run everywhere apart from in the shooting circle

When would a player in netball take an advantage?

When the netball player wants to

What is fast-netball?

Fast-netball is actually referred to as Fast-Net. This is a faster and simpler version of the original game. The coach can call off a player and switch postions during the game instead of during breaks. This type of netball came about in around 2007.

Why is it important for different players to have different roles?

It is important that each player has a different position in netball is because if each player has the same role, it wont allow them to go into seaperat areas of the netball caourt. You also cant try and score a point in netball because you have to be in the goal ring (semicircle). Hope it helped :)

Name 1 player in a netball game is allowed to shoot a goal?

irene van dyk

How do you teach a netball player how to read the play in a game?

You have to tell them what every players job is and what their job is. That makes a game really smooth.

What time can another player be sent in the game if it has already started in netball?

When play is reset to the next centre

Should boys be banned from netball?

I dont see why boys cant play netball after all it is a sport