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soccer(football), American football , and Baseball.

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Q: What the average liked sport is in grade 3 and 8?
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How do you average your grade?

To average your grade take you last 3 years grade point average add them together then divide by 3 the answer will be you average grade point then figure out you schools grade point system and theres your average grade.

What Grade point average will you get if you have 3 B's a C and an A?

Using the scale of A = 4.0, B = 3.0 and C = 2.0, you would determine your grade point average by adding 4 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 2 then dividing by 5. Your grade point average would be 3.0, or B.

What is the average gas mileage of a Mazda 3 Sport?

The average gas mileage of a Mazda 3 Sport depends on the engine and body style it has. Most Mazda 3 Sports have an average gas mileage between 25-30 MPG.

If you get 3 B's 3 A's and 1 C what is my grade point average?


What grade should you know my 3 times tables?

On average u should know them in first or second grade !

What is full form of DGPA?

1) Degree Grade Point Average 2) Director General of Public Affairs 3) Diploma Grade Point Average

Is 2.97 a bad grade point average?

depepnds on what college/university you apply to.. average 3 required..

I am making a C plus plus program for a programming class that takes in 5 grades for 7 students averages them gets a letter grade and displays it all in a table How do you set up a table for variables?

The following example sets up a two-dimensional array, initialises it with some pseudo-random data, and then prints the table and the averages. #include<iostream> #include<time.h> int main() { const int max_students = 7; const int max_student_grades = 5; const int max_grades = 6; const char grade[max_grades]={'A','B','C','D','E','F'}; srand((unsigned) time(NULL)); // Initialise the array with pseudo-random grades: int table[max_students][max_student_grades]; for(int student=0; student<max_students; ++student) { for(int student_grade=0; student_grade<max_student_grades; ++student_grade) { table[student][student_grade] = rand()%max_grades; } } // Print the table and average the results. int overall=0; for(int student=0; student<max_students; ++student) { int average=0; std::cout<<"Student #"<<student+1; for(int student_grade=0; student_grade<max_student_grades; ++student_grade) { std::cout<<" Grade #"<<student_grade+1<<": "<<grade[table[student][student_grade]]<<", "; average+=table[student][student_grade]; } std::cout<<" Average: "<<grade[average/max_grades]<<std::endl; overall+=average; } std::cout<<"Overall average: "<<grade[overall/max_grades/max_students]<<std::endl; return(0); } Example output: Student #1 Grade #1: A, Grade #2: E, Grade #3: D, Grade #4: E, Grade #5: F, Average: C Student #2 Grade #1: E, Grade #2: D, Grade #3: E, Grade #4: E, Grade #5: E, Average: D Student #3 Grade #1: D, Grade #2: A, Grade #3: D, Grade #4: B, Grade #5: A, Average: B Student #4 Grade #1: C, Grade #2: B, Grade #3: A, Grade #4: A, Grade #5: B, Average: A Student #5 Grade #1: E, Grade #2: D, Grade #3: C, Grade #4: F, Grade #5: E, Average: D Student #6 Grade #1: C, Grade #2: D, Grade #3: A, Grade #4: F, Grade #5: A, Average: B Student #7 Grade #1: B, Grade #2: D, Grade #3: F, Grade #4: B, Grade #5: C, Average: C Overall average: C

How much does the average boy grow between 4th and sixth grade?

2 to 3 inches. 6th grade to 8th grade are bigger differences in height.

Average height of girl 6th grader?

3'-5' I am 4'8" and in 8th grade

What is the average grade for a student with rubric scores of 1 3 4 and 2?

that is not normal

Which is correct Grade 3 or grade 3 when talking about school?

grade 3

How do you know your daughters grade point average?

you add up all the grade totals and divide that number by the number of grades. A=4 B=3 C=2 D=1 F=0 For example if your child received 3 A's and 4 B's you will calculate it like this: 4+4+4+3+3+3+3= 24 then you divide 24 by 7(number of grades) the average is a 3.4 which is the grade point average. =)

What is a 3.070 GPA?

An unweighted GPA (grade point average) is the average grade given if and F is 0, a D is 1, a C is 2, a B is 3, and an A is 4. Therefore, a 3.07 is slightly above a B average.

How do you find my GPA in highschool?

Find your final grade for each class. An A is 4 grade points, B is 3, C is 2 D is 1, F is 0. Assign that value to each letter grade, and find the average. GPA stands for Grade Point Average.

What is the average height of a 6th grade girl?

4 foot 10 to 5 foot 3.

How do you find a grade average of 3 grades?

add up the three grades then divide by three

Will your marks from 3 maths exams add up overall?

Most likely, an average or weighted average will be used for your overall grade.

Convert average to GPA?

It should be the same. Assign each letter grade a number; A =4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0 then add up the numbers of all your grades and divide by the number of grades you have. This will be your average grade or your grade point average (GPA).

What is gifted range for third grade reading score on MAP test?

Students that post scores 3 or more grade level above may be considered gifted, in the case of grade 3 reading the middle of the year average is 197, a gifted reader in grade 3 would be scoring 215 and above

What should you do if you think you love someone but he thinks your just a friend and you're just a preteen?

Well, I was in 6th grade I had a best friend and I had liked him since 3rd grade! And we had been friends since 4th grade. I just waited and in November of 6th grade he admitted that he had liked me since 3rd grade. And he asked me out. You just have to be their friend. Because they will eventually love you back! I had 4 friends that are guys and it had been rumored that all 3 had a crush on me! Just be his friend and get to know him! I've known my boyfriend since 1st grade! (he is the same one from 6th grade)

Can I pass 7th grade with 3 d's and 1 F?

No, the average that a student should get in each grade is a C. If you are below a C that is not passing but if you are above, you will pass.

What letter grade is a GPA 3.6?

it's not.. it's an grade point average. An A is equivalent to 4 points, a B is 3, a C is 2, and a D is 1 point. You average all your grades to receive the GPA.

Average Salary for a deployed Army Captain?

Look for the latest pay-grade scale for 0-3.

What are the Halo 3 ranks?

Ranks: Recruit Grade 1 Apprentice Grade 1 Apprentice Grade 2 Private Grade 1 Private Grade 2 Corporal Grade 1 Corporal Grade 2 Sergeant Grade 1 Sergeant Grade 2 Sergeant Grade 3 Gunnery Sergeant Grade 1 Gunnery Sergeant Grade 2 Gunnery Sergeant Grade 3 Gunnery Sergeant Grade 4 Lieutenant Grade 1 Lieutenant Grade 2 Lieutenant Grade 3 Lieutenant Grade 4 Captain Grade 1 Captain Grade 2 Captain Grade 3 Captain Grade 4 (staff) Major Grade 1 Major Grade 2 Major Grade 3 Major Grade 4 Commander Grade 1 Commander Grade 2 Commander Grade 3 Commander Grade 4 Colonel Grade 1 Colonel Grade 2 Colonel Grade 3 Colonel Grade 4 Brigadier Grade 1 Brigadier Grade 2 Brigadier Grade 3 Brigadier Grade 4 General Grade 1 General Grade 2 General Grade 3 General Grade 4 (5 Star General)