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Serena Williams uses the Wilson Blade Team BLX racket. This is one of several models of Wilson BLX rackets that use fibers from basalt, a volcanic rock, in the racket body.

These fibers make the racket stronger, but they also reduce vibration that comes from hitting the ball. If you have ever played Baseball or softball and hit the ball off the handle of the bat, you've experienced some discomfort that went into your hands and up into your arms. Over the course of thousands of repetitions of hitting the ball, a similar discomfort can happen to tennis players.

How did Wilson BLX technology come into being? Previous generations of Wilson rackets added silicon dioxide particles to graphite fibers to increase strength. This became the NCode series. The NCode was further improved with the addition of carbon black fibers to create the Wilson [K] Factor series. The addition of basalt to [K] Factor technology resulted in the BLX series.

Serena uses natural gut string in her Wilson BLX racket. This string has a better feel and provides more power, but it's more expensive (not a concern for Ms. Williams) and can be damaged by water or even high humidity. Some natural gut string comes with a coating to protect it from moisture damage.

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Victoria Azarenka (a.k.a. 'Vika') is currently the top ranked player (as of 15 October 2012) in the world. She uses Wilson tennis racquets, specifically the BLX Juice 100. As a result of her top ranking, she is the #1 seed at the upcoming WTA Championships.

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Venus Williams uses a modified Wilson K Factor KBlade Team, which her sister Serena also uses.

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Q: What tennis racket does Venus use?
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