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The New England Patriots won in 2005 and the Pittsburgh Steelers won in 2006.

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Q: What teams won the Super Bowl in the years 2005 and 2006?
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What was the teams in the 2006 Super Bowl?

Go Here:What_NFL_teams_played_in_the_2006_Super_Bowl

How many teams are there in FIFA 2005?

There was none as it was played in 2006.

Who was teams in 2006 Super Bowl?

Seattle Seahawks Pittsburgh Steelers

What are the Roman numerals for super bowls 2004 2005 2006?

2004--mmix 2005--mmx 2006--mmxi

What teams have won the fa cup in the last 5 years?

2004 - Man Utd 2005 - Arsenal 2006 - Liverpool 2007 - Chelsea 2008 - Portsmouth

Which two teams played in the 2005 Super Bowl and what was the final score?

Steelers- 21 Seahawks- 10Actually, the year the Steelers played the Seahawks was 2006, it was the 2005 season. So the correct answer to the question is Patriots-24 Eagles 21

Which two teams met in the 2005 and 2006 AFL grand F inals?

The Sydney Swans and the West Coast Eagles met both years. In 2005 Sydney was victorious by 4 points In 2006 West Coast was victorious by 1 point

What are the release dates for Super Princess Peach - 2005 VG?

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Who did the Pittsburgh Steelers beat in the 2005 Super Bowl?

They won the 2005 Super Bowl by beating the Seattle Seahawks on February 5, 2006.

What are the numerals super bowls 2004 2005 2006 2014?

In Roman Numerals2004: MMIV 2005: MMV 2006: MMVI 2014: MMXIV

Who won the 2006 Super Bowl?

The Steelers defeated the Seattle Seahawks on February 5, 2006, by the score of 21-10. Declaring the Steelers the 2005 Super Bowl champions. The Indianapolis Colts were the 2006 Super Bowl champions.

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