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Q: What teams won 3 away games in playoffs and won Super Bowl?
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Did last years super bowl teams lose in the first playoffs?

No, in order to make it to the Super Bowl both teams must win all of their playoff games.

Where can you find Super Bowl tickets?

ticketmaster or the website of one of the teams in the playoffs

What nfl teams won the super bowl and did not make the playoffs the next year?


What are four facts about American football?

1. Two teams must be present to play the game. 2.Each season all teams are fighting to make the playoffs. 3.Each team that makes the playoffs is closer to winning the Super Bowl. 4. The two teams that win their conference championships games gets a chance to play in the Super Bowl.

Has Warren Moon ever quarter backed in a Super Bowl?

No, Warren Moon never played on a Super Bowl team. He played on several teams that made the playoffs but none that made the Super Bowl. His record as a starting QB in playoff games was 3-7.

Who has played the most playoff games but not a Super Bowl?

In the Super Bowl era (playoffs from 1966-2008) that would be the Cleveland Browns who, since 1966, have made the playoffs 14 times and played 20 playoff games but never played in a Super Bowl.

How many teams that played in the super bowl and neither team made the playoffs the following season?

There have been 4 times when neither of the Super Bowl teams made the playoffs the following season: 1) Washington Redskins and Denver Broncos played in Super Bowl XXII and neither made the playoffs in 1988. 2) Atlanta Falcons and Denver Broncos played in Super Bowl XXXIII and neither made the playoffs in 1999. 3) St. Louis Rams and New England Patriots played in Super Bowl XXXVI and neither made the playoffs in 2002. 4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Oakland Raiders played in Super Bowl XXXVII and neither made the playoffs in 2003.

Did the NFL once have a consolation game before the Super Bowl?

Yes. For ten years, 1960-1969, the NFL played a game called the Playoff Bowl that pitted the two losing teams from the playoffs (only four teams made the playoffs at the time). The game was played the week following the NFL Championship game. Six of these games were played before the Super Bowl was created ... four after. The Playoff Bowl games ended with the AFL-NFL merger.

How does a team make the Super Bowl?

well first a team has to win the playoffs,then they have beat the other teams that won the playoffs,then finally they are at the superbowl.

How many total nfl games including the playoffs and Super Bowl were there in 1972?

189.There were 26 teams in the NFL in 1972 and the regular season was 14 games in length. There being 13 games per week .... 14 * 13 = 182Four teams from each conference made the playoffs. This made for four divisional playoff games and two conference championship games.182 + 4 + 2 = 188The Super Bowl was the 189th and final game of the season.

How many NFL teams have won a super bowl and did not even make the playoffs the following season?


How do football players reach the super bowl?

In order to get to the Super Bowl a player has to be on a team that qualifies for the NFL Playoffs. There are two conferences in the NFL, the AFC and the NFC. Each conference has six teams that qualify for the post season. Teams can qualify for the playoffs as a division winner (4 teams) or as a wild card (2 teams). In order to get to the Super Bowl a team must win either two or three playoff games. If on a team seeded 1 or 2, the team plays in two playoff games. They are the Divisional Round and the Championship game. If the team wins both of these games, they qualify for the Super Bowl. If on a team seeded 3-6, then there are three games that must be won in order to qualify for the Super Bowl. The first round is the Wild Card Round, followed by the Divisional Round, and then the Championship game. If a player is on a team that wins all of their playoff games, that team qualifies to play in the Super Bowl.