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My opinion is the Cubs but it depends on what year, this year I think the cubs are better according to the player stats. <----- to who ever said the cubs are better, screw you. the cubs even claim St. Louis to be Baseball heaven. to the original poster of the question, compare the team records and decide for yourself. the fact of the matter remains that the cards have won more world series' than the cubs and year for year the cards have a better win/loss record period.

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Q: What teams is better the St. Louis Cardinals or the Chicago Cubs?
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What teams did Lou Brock play for?

* Chicago Cubs (1961-1964) * St. Louis Cardinals (1964-1979)

Where is the baseball teams cardinals from?

St. Louis

When did the Cardinals football team move to St. Louis?

The Arizona Cardinals are the oldest of the NFL teams, dating back to their origins in Chicago in 1898. They moved to St. Louis in 1960, and to Arizona in 1988.

What sports teams are called the Cardinals?

There are the Arizona Cardinals (NFL), the St. Louis Cardinals (MLB)

Which professional sports teams have the longest rivalry?

The St. Louis Cardinals versus the Chicago Cubs have been facing each other since 1885.

List mlb teams that have won 10000 games?

NY/SF Giants, Chicago Cubs, BKN/LA Dodgers, St. Louis Cardinals.

What are th MLB baseball teams in Missouri?

St. Louis Cardinals

What teams are minor league of St. Louis Cardinals?

1.Memphis Redbirds 2.Springfield Cardinals

Who are the top 5 baseball teams has the most wins?

Seattle Mariners New York Yankees Chicago White Sox Saint Louis Cardinals Boston Red Sox Seattle Mariners New York Yankees Chicago White Sox Saint Louis Cardinals Boston Red Sox

How many major league baseball teams has tony la Russia managed?

3. They are the Chicago White Sox, the Oakland Athletics, and the St. Louis Cardinals.

How many teams has yadier molina played for?

Only the St. Louis Cardinals

What baseball teams are in the National League Central in the MLB?

Pittsburgh Pirates Chicago Cubs St. Louis Cardinals Houston Astros Milwaukee Brewers Cincinnati Reds

When did the St. Louis Cardinals start?

The St. Louis Cardinals, according to available records, were original members of the National League that began operation in 1876 with teams in Chicago (Cubs), Hartford, Boston, Louisville, New York, Philadelphia and Cincinnati. The Cubs won the pennant as NL champions with the Cardinals finishing second.

Pro sports teams never made playoffs?

Arizona Cardinals Chicago Cubs

What two teams won the second most World Series?

St Louis cardinals

What teams have sport rivalries where you live?

i live in St. Louis so Cardinals and Cubs

What teams are in the baseball 2011 world series?

st louis cardinals and texas rangers

What national sport teams are in Missouri?

St. Louis Rams, St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Blues, Kansas City Cheifs

How many NL baseball teams have won 105 games in a season?

13. 116 - 1906 Chicago Cubs 110 - 1909 Pittsburgh Pirates 108 - 1975 Cincinnati Reds, 1986 New York Mets 107 - 1907 Chicago Cubs 106 - 1904 New York Giants, 1942 St. Louis Cardinals, 1998 Atlanta Braves 105 - 1905 New York Giants, 1943 St. Louis Cardinals, 1944 St. Louis Cardinals, 1953 Brooklyn Dodgers, 2004 St. Louis Cardinals

Who started the NFL?

George Stanley Halas, coach of Chicago Staleys in 1920, got the team from Staley Starch Works started the league with 12 teams and the only two teams still remaining from the 12 are the Chicago Cardinals (now Arizona Cardinals) and the Chicago Staleys (now Chicago Bears).

What are the MLB teams from Missouri?

There are two MLB teams from Missouri. The first is the St. Louis Cardinals and the second the Kansas City Royals.

MLB teams birds?

Baltimore Orioles, St. Louis Cardinals and Toronto Blue Jays.

What two teams played in the 1934 World series?

St. Louis Cardinals and Detroit Tigers.

How many National Baseball clubs play at home in the central time zone?

There are a total of three National League Baseball teams that play in the central time zone. These teams are the Milwaukee Brewers, Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals.

Famous sport teams in the Midwest?

Chicago Bears (NFL) Chicago Bulls (NBA) esp. in the "Jordan Era" Chicago Cubs (MLB) St. Louis Cardinals (MLB) Green Bay Packers (NFL) Indianapolis Colts (NFL) just to name a few