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Oklahoma State University from 1979-1983 and the University of Miami from 1984-1988.

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Granite Hills High School.

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Q: What teams has Jimmy Johnson coached?
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Who has not coached the Oakland Raiders Al Davis John Madden Tom Flores Jimmy Johnson?

Jimmy Johnson

Cowboys coach in 1992-1993?

Jimmy Johnson. Johnson coached the Cowboys from 1989-1993.

Who was Dallas Cowboys coach after Jimmy Johnson?

Barry Switzer, who coached the Cowboys from 1994 to 1997.

Who coached the Dallas Cowboys in 1989?

Jimmy Johnson. It was his first season as head coach of the Cowboys.

How tall is NFL Fox analyst Jimmy Johnson?

Fox NFL analyst Jimmy Johnson is about 5'11 in height. He coached the NFL team Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins.

Who coached cowboys in bowls vl vll xxvll xxvlll and xxx?

Tom Landry and Jimmy Johnson

Regular postseason combined jimmy Johnson how many games?

Jimmy Johnson coached 88 games with the Cowboys. His regular season record was 44-36 and his playoff record was 7-1.

Who coached the most women's basketball teams?

Brian Agler coached the most women basketball teams.

Who has coached the most NHL teams?

Mike keenan

What Oklahoman is the only NFL coach to go to three Super Bowls with three different teams?

Jimmy Johnson

How tall is former dolphins coach jimmy Johnson?

James (Jimmy) William Johnson was born on July 16. 1943 in Port Arthur, Texas, United States. Height:5 ft11 in'(1.8Meters or 180 cm) Weight: 72 kg Hair Colour: Grey Eye Colour: Blue

Which teams has Turner Gill coached?

Turner Gill has coached at University of Nebraska, University of Buffalo, University of Kansas and Liberty University. He has also coached the Green Bay Packers.