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As at 15-Jan-2010, Ashley Cole has scored 5 goals for Chelsea, all of them in Premier League matches;

2006/07 : 0

2007/08 : 1 (West Ham)

2008/09 : 1 (Sunderland)

2009/10 : 3 (Burnley, Tottenham, Sunderland).

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he has only played for England and Liverpool he is nasty for leaving cheryle cole

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he has scores no goals

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Q: What teams has Ashley cole played for?
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How many Cole's have played football?

Andy Cole Joe Cole Ashley Cole Carlton Cole.

Who are the Players that played for two of the following teams man united arsenal Liverpool or Chelsea?

here are some...gallas,ashley cole,owen,viera

Did Ashley Cole played for played for arsenal?

Yes before he went to Chelsea

Who got married in the morning then played for England?

Ashley Cole

Where is ashley cole from?

Ashley Cole is from London England.

Who the oldest Ashley Cole or joe Cole?

Ashley Cole is the worlds greates soccer player. he play defense but if he played offense, he would score endless goals. He is just to good at his position to be moved. He is so good, its stupid.

What are Ashley's dislikes?

Ashley cole dislikes cheryl cole

Did Ashley cole played for west ham?

Ashley Cole has never played for West Ham.He has played for ;Arsenal ( 1998 - 2006 )Crystal Palace - On Loan ( 1999 - 2000 )Chelsea ( 2006 - Current )

Should Cheryl cole have dumped Ashley cole?

Yes she should have dumped Ashley cole

Which player as played for 8 premierships teams?

andy cole

Ashley cole and joe cole have the same last names so how can you know?

Ashley cole jersey no is 3 . Joe Cole jersey no is 10. Ashley cole jersey no is 3 . Joe Cole jersey no is 10.

Is Ashley cole related to joe cole or Andy cole?

They could be but they are not. Joe cole is a white player where Ashley is of mixed race. they both are English though and play for same club Chelsea FC. birthplace of joe cole is paddington, London and Ashley cole is from stepney.