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1999- New York Knicks (4-1)

2003- New Jersey Nets (4-2)

2005- Detroit Pistons (4-3)

2007- Cleveland Cavaliers (4-0)

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Q: What teams did santonio spurs win for the nba title?
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What NBA teams made it to the NBA finals?

Miami heat and san Antonio spurs

Which are NBA teams with the most 50 wins seasons?


What year was the most recent NBA title for the Spurs?


Has half of the NBA teams win an NBA title?


Who was the first basketball coach to lead seven NBA teams to the playoffs?

Larry Brown led seven NBA teams (Nuggets, Nets, Spurs, Clippers, Pacers, 76ers and Pistons) to the NBA Playoffs.

What are the three NBA teams that are in Texas?

Dallas Mavericks - San Antonio Spurs - Houston Rockets

What nba teams went undefeated in playoffs and finals?

Yes spurs 4-0 cavs

What 3 NBA teams play in texs?

dallas mavericks san antonio spurs Houston rockets

Which two teams played in the 1999 nba finals?

The San Antonio Spurs and the New York Knicks

What NBA teams has the best streaks in regular season?

The Spurs won 29 straight games in 2006

How many nba teams are in tx?

Three, San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Mavericks and Houston Rockets

What nba teams did artis Gilmore play for?

The san Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics.