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Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, LSU, Mississippi, and Mississippi State are the teams in the College Football sec west division.

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Q: What teams are in the sec west?
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What is Wisconsin record vs Sec Teams?

There record against SEC teams is 2-7.

What were the original SEC teams?

Original SEC teams (1933)SewanneGeorgia TechTulaneFloridaLSUAuburnAlabamaMiss StateOle MissTennesseeVandyKentuckyGeorgia

How many teams in the Sec have artificial turf?

243 teams to be exact

What are the team colors for the SEC teams?


How are the SEC teams divided?

East andwest

How can Arkansas razorbacks win the sec west?

If they beat the rest of the teams on their schedule. Then Auburn loses to Miss. State, and Alabama. And LSU beats the rest of the teams on their schedule besides Arkansas.

What two teams played in 1982 SEC Championship?

The SEC did not have a championship game until 1992.

What are the winningest SEC teams since 2000?


What teams joined SEC after 1980?

south carolinaarkansas

Can two sec teams meet in BCS championship?


How many teams are in the SEC?

SEC EAST Georgia Bulldogs South Carolina Gamecocks Florida Gators Tennessee Volunteers Kentucky Wildcats Vanderbilt Commodores SEC WEST Arkansas Razorbacks Louisiana State (LSU) Tigers Mississippi (Ole Miss) Rebels Mississippi State Bulldogs Alabama Crimson Tide Auburn Tigers All together there is twelve total SEC teams which is divided into two divisions(as seen above) with six teams in each division.

Michigan vs sec teams?

The University of Michigan's all-time record against teams from the SEC is 24-9-1 as of the end of the 2011 season.

What is TCU record against sec teams?

Since 1933 (the first year of the SEC), TCU's record against SEC teams is 8-22-1. TCU's last game against an SEC team was in 2003 when they defeated Vanderbilt 30-14.

What is usc vs sec teams?

USC is 22-11-1 all-time versus the SEC.

What collage football conference has the most teams going to bowl games?

The sec. Eight teams.

Which conference has the most teams ranked in the BCS in 2007?


How many SEC teams have played in the Rose Bowl?


What does SEC mean in college football mean?

The meaning of SEC in college football is South Eastern Conference. Teams in the SEC include Alabama, Tennessee, and Auburn.

When was the last Georgia Bulldogs vs Florida Gators game played?

They play each other every year. In the SEC East, they rotate years east teams play east at home in one year, away the next. West teams do the same. East teams play west teams every other year, half one year & the other half the next.

What are the all SEC football teams?

The SEC is split into two divisions the East and the West. Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Kentucky, and Vanderbilt are all in the East. LSU, Alabama, Auburn, Arkansas, Ole Miss, and Mississippi St are in the West. Missouri and Texas A & M will be joining the conference in 2012.

How many teams from SEC were invited to the mens ncaa tournament?


What is the win-loss record between the university of Oklahoma and SEC football teams?

As of the 2008 season, Oklahoma's record against SEC teams is 19-9-3. The SEC team they have played the most is Arkansas and they have a 10-4-1 record against them.

Are most NBA teams located in the east or the west?

east because east have 16 teams and the west has 15 teams

How many football teams in the west?

eight teams

How many baseball teams are west of the Mississippi?

To be correct there are 20 baseball teams west of mississippi,