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That has never happened in history.

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Q: What team won the world series after losing the first three games?
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Has any baseball team won the World Series after being down 3-0?

No. Since the first World Series in 1903, no team has ever won a world championship after losing the first three games of the Fall Classic.

How many teams have won the first three World Series games but lost the next four?

20 times The above link indicates World Series won 4 games to none. However, it also show 2 ties in the 1907 and 1922 World Series, so those were technically 5-game series, not 4.

What NBA Teams have come back after losing the first three playoff games?

Looks like the Heat will.

Which New York Yankees pitcher lost three games in one World Series?

George Frazier was the losing pitcher in Games 3, 4, and 6 of the 1981 World Series, won by the Los Angeles Dodgers over the Yankees 4 games to 2.

Who did Boston beat in the first world series in1903?

Pittsburgh Pirates, five games to three.

Who went to the first World Series in 1903?

In the 1903 MLB World Series, the Boston Americans defeated the PittsburghPirates, five games to three.

Who was the first pitcher to win 3 games in a best of seven series in baseball?

As far as the World Series goes, that was Christy Mathewson of the New York Giants in 1905. The Giants won the Series, 4 games to 1, over the Philadelphia Athletics. Not only did Mathewson win three games, he pitched three shutouts. He is the only pitcher in World Series history to throw three shutouts in one Series.

Who did the Pittsburgh Pirates play against in the first World Series?

The first World Series was played in 1903. The Boston Americans defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates, five games to three.

Who was the first pitcher to throw three shutouts in one world series and all of them being complete games?

That was Christie Matthewson, who did so in the 1905 Series.

Has a World Series team won the first three games and lost the series?

No. Every World Series team with a 3-0 lead has gone on to win the world championship.

What is a bowling series?

total pinfall of three games of bowling (max: 900)

Who competed in the 1972 World Series?

The Oakland A's won their first of three straight World Series in 1972, defeating the Cincinnati Reds in seven games.