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Oakalnd Raiders

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Q: What team lost the most AFC championship games?
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Which NFL team has lost the most championship games?

Chicago bears From 1933, when the first NFL championship game was played, to 2008, when Super Bowl XLII was played, the team that has lost the most NFL championship games is the New York Giants who have lost 11 NFL championship games (pre Super Bowl) and 1 Super Bowl for a total of 12.

Which team played in the most AFC championship games?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have played in 15 AFC championship games. That is the most in NFL history.

What team has played in the most NFL championship games?

New England

Which team won championship with the most lost ncaa men college basketball?

Indiana 1981

What NFC team has been in the most NFC championship game and lost?

49ers i think 49ers i think

What soccer team has lost most games in a row?


Has a World Series team won the first three games and lost the series?

No. Every World Series team with a 3-0 lead has gone on to win the world championship.

What team has lost the second most games in Yankee Stadium?

the Yankees

What teams have the Dallas Cowboys lost the most games to?

every team

What team went against the Houston Rockets during the 1995 NBA championship and lost?

The Houston Rockets defeated the Orlando Magic, 4 games to 0, to win the 1995 NBA championship.

Has any NBA team won three games on their homecourt in NBA championship in a 2-3-2 format?

Yes, the 2006 Miami Heat lost two games in Dallas to the Mavericks, but won the next four in a row to win the championship.

Which baseball team lost the most games in a season?

the new york mets