What team is the undertaker on smack down or raw?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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For now, he is on Raw.

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Q: What team is the undertaker on smack down or raw?
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Is the undertaker smack down or raw?


Did undertaker go to raw?

If you are talking about wwe's 2009 draft then no!

How do you inteferce in smack down vs raw 2010?

I Get A Chair And I Hit The Undertaker With It.

When is smack down vs raw coming out in psp?

There are 5 smack down vs raw games for psp smack down vs raw 2006 smack down vs raw 2007 smack down vs raw 2008 smack down vs raw 2009 smack down vs raw 2010

Who is WWE superstar Kane?

He is the brother of the Undertaker in smack down and Kane is in RAW. they both a scary and a good fighters. [:

Who are the top three overall wrestlers in smack down vs raw 2010?

1. The rock 2. Undertaker 3. John cena

Can you play as horn swoggle on smack down vs raw 2010?

no i got the svr 10 u cant there isn't batista and undertaker

When is Smack Down vs Raw 2010 coming out?

smack down vs. raw is coming out this fall of 2009.

Who won in smack down vs raw?


Has Smack down VS Raw even been announced yet?

Smack down V.S raw has been anounced

What were all the WWE pay per view events in 2005?

New Years Revolution on January 9th. (RAW) Royal Rumble on January 30th. (RAW, SMACK DOWN) No Way Out on February 20th. (SMACK DOWN) Wrestle Mania 21 on April 3rd. (RAW, SMACK DOWN) Backlash on May 1st. (RAW) Judgemnet Day on May 22nd. (SMACK DOWN) ECW One Night Stand on June 12th. (ECW) with RAW and SMACK DOWN Vengance on June 26th. (RAW) The Great American Bash on July 27th. (SMACK DOWN) Summer Slam on August 21st. (RAW, SMACK DOWN) Unforgiven on September 18th. (RAW) No Mercy on October 9th (SMACK DOWN) Taboo Tuesday on November 1st (RAW) Survivor Series on November 27th (RAW, SMACK DOWN) Armageddon on December 18th (SMACK DOWN)

How do you tag your partner in tag team matches Smack down vs raw on PS2?

press square