What team is better steelers or raiders?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: What team is better steelers or raiders?
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What team did the Pittsburgh Steelers beat with the Immaculate Reception?

The Oakland Raiders.

Which football team is known as thieves?

The Oakland Raiders

Which team has the most wins the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Oakland Raiders?

The Steelers have 529 wins since their first season in 1933. The Raiders have 410 since their first season in 1960. The Steelers have a 27 year head start. So if you go by the winning percentages the Raiders are ahead of any team by far.

What team is better the raiders or 49ers?


What team is better 49ers or raiders?


Are the Pittsburgh Steelers better than the Oakland Raiders?

Do chickens fly? (They do)

The Immaculate Reception occurred in a game the Raiders played against which team?


Why are the Eagles Steelers and Raiders are the most popular?

never knew they were since the cowboys are America's team.

Which team is better the New Orleans Saints or the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The Steelers.

How many AFC championship games have the Pittsburgh Steelers and Oakland Raiders played against each other?

The Steelers and Oakland Raiders have met three times in AFC championship games.December 29, 1974: Steelers- 24 Raiders- 13January 4, 1976: Steelers- 16 Raiders- 10December 26, 1976: Raiders- 24 Steelers- 7

Which team lost a Super Bowl to the Miami Dolphins the Oakland Raiders and the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The Minnesota Vikings lost to the Dolphins in Super Bowl VIII, the Steelers in Super Bowl IX, and the Raiders in Super Bowl XI.

Was randy moss better in Oakland Raiders?

No he was really not a team player on the raiders