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Q: What team is JJ Rodrick in basketball?
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What player on duke's men's basketball team made the most three pointers?

JJ Redick, with 457 threes.

Who is a better NBA basketball player jj redick or tyler hansbrough?

jj redick... check the amazing games jj has had this season

Why does jj redick haven't have a girlfriend?

JJ Reddick does not have a girlfriend because he is married. JJ Reddick is married to Chelsea Reddick. He is a professional basketball player.

JJ Evans was a basketball player on Good Times?


What did JJ Heller dream to be before her singing career?

According to a K-LOVE interview, JJ Heller wanted to play basketball.

Is the basketball team or baseball team better in Connecticut?


What is one basketball team?

The LA Lakers are a basketball team.

What is the perfect basketball form?

just watch clips of jj redick no lie his form is textbook

Who is the Leading all time three point scorer in ncaa basketball history?

JJ Redick

Who are the ACC mens basketball scoring leaders through the 2008 season?

jj redick duke

Who was the leading scorer for DUke University 2006-07 men basketball season?

jj reddick

Who is a better 3 point basketball shooter JJ reddick or Salim Stodimire?

I think JJ reddick is a better 3 point shooter i mean look att the NBA i mean i saw jj hit a 3 to tie the celtics