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The Houston Texans, with a record of 2-14, had the worst season in the 2013 NFL regular season.

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Q: What team has the worst record this 2013 season in NFL?
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What team has the worst record this season in NFL?


What Yankees team had the worst record in regular season play?

The 1956 team had the worst overall record in Yankees history. This was followed by the 1972 team.

What major league baseball team holds the record for worst season record?

Cleveland Spiders has the worst season record, having 20 wins and 134 losses

What Super Bowl team had the worst record the following season?


What is the worst team in football?

The Detroit Lions had a record of 0-16 last season making them the worst team in the league.

What team had the worst NFL regual season record in 2009?

Detroit lions

What team with the worst regular season record has won a Super Bowl?


What is the Detroit lion's worst record?

0-16 in 2008 season worst of any team all-time

What is the worst season record for a NBA team in one year?

The worst NBA record belongs to the 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers who posted a record of 9-73

Which NFL team had their worst season in 1969?

The Pittsburgh steelers, with a record of 1-13

What is the worst nfl team in dec and Jan?

The Saint Louis Rams had the worst record in the 2009-2010 season, they ended their season 1-15.

What was the worst regular season record of a team that won the World Series?

2010-11 Celtic

What NHL team had the worst regular season record yet still made the playoffs?


Who was the worst basketball team?

The 1972-1973 Philadelphia 76ers, who finished the season 9-73 with the worst record in NBA history.

How do they select the team for number one draft pick?

The team that has the worst record for the season is awarded the #1 draft pick.

What was the New York Yankees worst record?

In 1912 when the team was called the Highlanders, the team record was 50 - 102. for a .329 winning percentage. Since the team was named the Yankees in 1913 the worst season was 1913 with a record of 57 - 94 for a .377 winning percentage.

What team had the worst NFL regular season record?

The 2008-2009 Detroit lions (0-16)

What NFL team has the worst regular season football record?

2008 Detroit Lions, 0-16

What is the worst team on the NFL?

Through the 2010 season, the Carolina Panthers posted a 2-and-14 record.

What was the worst team record in the 09-10 season?

In the NFL, that was 1-15 by the St. Louis Rams.

Who is the worst nfl team in 2010?

The Carolina Panthers finished the 2010 season with a 2-and-14 record.

What coach led the Patriots to the worst record in team history for a single season?

Rod Rust coached the Pats in 1990 to a 1-15 season.It was their worst record to date.

What team holds the nhl record for worst powerplay streak?

2013 Buffalo Sabres 0-46 and counting.

What NBA team holds the league worst road record in one season?

The Baltimore Bullets went 0-20 on the road in the 1953-54 season. The Sacramento Kings went 1-40 in the 1990-91 season for worst 41 road game record.

What is the worst team in NBA history?

This changes from season to season. The New Jersey Nets, who now own the record for most losses to start a season, are the NBA's worst team for the 09-10 season.Right now in the season its definately the new jersey nets then minnesota timberwolvesgrizzlies are also bad