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Q: What team has played in the European cup the most times?
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Which football team has played most European matches?


What European soccer team played the most champions league games?

It has to be Barcelona.

Which team has won the Champions League European Cup the most times?

Real Madrid from Spain. They have won it 9 times.

Which European team has won the FIFA World Cup the most times?


What football team has played at wembley most times?


How many times have non European team won FIFA world cup played in Europe?

Brazil won the world cup in 1958 played in Sweden.

What football team has played at the new wembley the most times?


What NBA team has played in the playoffs the most times?

Los Angeles Lakers

What NFL team has played the most times on Christmas Day?

Dallas cowboys

What European football team is supported most in J Japan?

Liverpool football club is the most supported European team in japan.

Florida has played in a ESPN college gameday game the most times of any team how many times have they played in a game that was the gameday game?


Which European team has won the most champion league trophy?

Real Madrid of Spain have won the champion league 9 times.

Which English team has won the most europeon trophys?

Liverpool has won the most European cups or now called the Champions League with 5 wins. Real Madrid has won it 9 times making it the most successful team in the Champions League.

How many times has a European team won a world cup played outside Europe?

Once. Spain won the world cup in 2010, hosted by South Africa.

What is England Liverpool soccer team record?

Liverpool are the most succsesful team in England they have won the league two more times that man utd they have also won the European cup 5 times 3 more than man utd.

Which NFL team has played in the Super Bowl the most times?

The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Dallas Cowboys (8).

Which team has won the UEFA Champions League the most times real Madrid livrpool or barcalona?

Real Madrid has won the most Champions League titles (including European Cup).

How many times has US soccer team played the Mexican soccer team?

They have played each other about 50-60 times :) :) :)

How many caps did Bobby Charlton get for England?

He played 106 times for the England senior team. He also played 6 times for the England under 23s team, once for the England Youth team and 4 times for the England Schoolboys team.

What team did Villanova play most in NCAA tournament?

The team that Villanova played the most in the NCAA tournament in 2014 was Cincinnati.

What british team has Diego maradona played against?

The only European club he played for are Barcelona and Napoli.

What team has the lions played the most on thanksgiving day?

The Green Bay Packers (20 times) followed by the Chicago Bears as a close second (14 times).

What NFL team has played the most Thanksgiving Day games?

What NFL team played in the most thanks given day games

Which team has most European cup in football?

Real Madrid

Who has won the euorpean cup more times than anyone else?

The team with the most European Cups is Real Madrid, with 9. Milan follow with 7, then Liverpool with 5.