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the 07-08 Patriots went 16-0 but lost the Super Bowl to the Giants

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Q: What team had the best NFL regular season record in a 16 game season?
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Philadelphia Eagles best regular season record in a 16-game season?

The best 16 game record for the Eagles was 13-3 in 2004. They went 12-4 in 1980, 2002, and 2003.

What is the best record ever for an NBA team in a regular 82 game season?

The 1995-96 Chicago Bulls with a 72 - 10 record.

How many games were in an NFL season in 1960?

12. The best regular season record in 1960 was 10-2 by the Philadelphia Eagles. The NFL went to a 14 game regular season in 1961.

When was the last 12 game NFL season?

1960 ... the Philadelphia Eagles (regular season record was 10-2) defeated the Green Bay Packers (regular season record was 8-4) in the NFL Championship Game that season.

What was the best record ever for the New York Yankees in a regular 162 game season?

114-48 in the 1998 season. They went on to win the World Series that season.

What is the regular season single game quarterback rushing record?

aaron rodgers

How do you calculate a tie game in to your record for baseball?

will not happen in a regular season game. record would be ex. 10-9-1

Hat was the jets regular season record?

The Jets regular season record in the 2009-2010 season was 9-7!!! They won their last game 37-0 against the Bengals and they received a playoff berth!!!!

What is the NFL record for most passes caught in a regular season game?

Brandon Marshall with 21 last season

What AFL team has had the best regular season recordin a 16-game season?


What determines home court advantage in the NBA final game series?

The team with the best regular season record gets the home court advantage in the finals.

Who has the most baseball regular single season wins?

The Seattle Mariners have the most wins in a 162 game season with 116 wins in 2001. However, in 1906 the Chicago Cubs had 116 wins in a 152 game season. So technically, the Cubs were 116 - 36 and hold the best record ever in a regular baseball season.

What was the Tampa Bay bucs win - loss record in 1976?

The Bucs did not win a single regular season game in their 1976 season.

What is the best record ever for an MLB team in a regular 162 game season?

116-46 by the 2001 Seattle Mariners, but they did not win the WS. Notably the 1906 Cubs went 116-36 which is the best winning percentage in MLB history; they also failed to win the world series. The best 162 game regular season record to win the WS was the 1998 New York Yankees who went 114-48 in the regular season and 11-2 in the post season for a total of 125-50, making them the most winning team in history.

Which teams in the NFL gone 0-16 in the regular season game?

As of the 2007 season, none. The worst regular season record in NFL history was 0-14 by the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

How many games have the Colts lost in 2009?

The Indianapolis Colts have loss 3 preseason games and 1 regular season game. So, in total it's 4 losses. But the preseason record has no standing in the regular season record.

What is the major league baseball record attendance to a single game?

Colorado Rockies 1993 home opener, 80,227 for a regular season game.

How many games did the Colts win in 2007?

The Colts regular season record in 2007 was 13-3. They lost their playoff game to make their overall record for the 2007 season 13-4.

In 1966 which nfl team set a regular season record scoring 72 points in one game?

Washington Redskins

Which Broncos running back holds the record for most rushing yards in a single regular season game?

Terrel davis

What was the rockies win - loss record for 2007?

The Rockies regular season record in 2007 was 90-73. This record includes the one game playoff against the San Diego Padres.

What was the Chicago Bears record in 1986?

The Bears 1986 regular season record was 14-2. They lost a first round playoff game to the Redskins 27-13.

When did the NFL change from a fourteen game season to a sixteen game season?

The first 16 game regular season was in 1978.

What is the nfl record for the least rushing yards given up in a season?

519 by the 1942 Chicago Bears. The 1942 regular season was 11 games long putting the average per game at 47.2 yards which is also the record for fewest rushing yards per game allowed. In a 16 game regular season, the fewest rushing yards allowed is 970 by the 2000 Baltimore Ravens for an average of 60.6 yards per game.

What was the Seattle Mariners best record?

The Seattle Mariners posted their best record in 2001. They finished the season with 116 wins and 46 losses. They set the American League record and also tied a Major League record for most wins during a 162-game season.